So…. Can your PS4 do this?

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So I finally got my main laptop back from major repair that was honestly beyond my technical skills. While setting everything back up, I was updating my Windows 10 virtual machine and I decided to play with the Xbox Smartglass app.

I discovered that inspite of my install being a virtual install using VM Ware Fusion on a MacBook Pro. I am able to take advantage of the streaming functionality. On top of that, i was able to use my old wired Xbox 360 controller, which normally is not compatible with the one.

Now this set up is not exactly ideal due to the fact that windows is compeating for resources on my machine but it is still pretty cool that I can play my xbox anywhere. one thing I’d like to try if possible is to be on a different wifi network and see if this could work.

Now if you’re inclined to try out this functionality with your own shine and new Windows 10 install, be aware that not all apps currently work with streaming. TV, and Netflix do not work through this. the only other app that I have tried is Crunchyroll and surprisingly that works. Check out the video below.

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