PETA isn’t a Fan of 1-2-Switch and Compares it to Rape

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Holy fuck, where do I begin to unpack this one (also warning there will be cussing in this one)?  President (and possible fucking lunatic) Ingrid Newkirk sent an open letter to Nintendo.  The letter is posted right below this, but I’ll give you some the long and the short of it.

First off, PETA said they played the game, good for them, you’re bashing Nintendo while giving them money, so yay!  But in her letter, Newkirk says 1-2-Switch isn’t a realistic depiction of the dairy industry.  Well no shit, it’s a fucking video game, a party game, it also features sword fighting, Yoga, gun fights and other motion based games.  Last I checked no one is fucking actually getting shot or sliced up by 1-2-Switch.

Newkirk also compares the insemination of dairy cows to rape which is a bit of a stretch.  It only takes a quick google search to read real accounts of rape and comparing that to the insemination of a farm animal (a very common and humane thing) is insensitive at best and down right fucking ignorant and disrespectful to women who have been raped.  Newkirk and PETA should feel ashamed of themselves for this comparison, but they’ve proven time and time again that they have no shame, since you know, they once released a video of comparing farms to the Holocaust.   Also PETA has put down far more animals than it has helped and is more of a tax shelter than an actual activist organization.

Newkirk closes by offering to provide Nintendo with sound clips and videos to better simulate the horrors of the dairy industry and that they should get rid of the cow milking game and replace it with an Almond milk game where you pick Almonds (you’ve got to be fucking kidding me).  Listen, I’m not saying there aren’t bad farms out there, but fuck you PETA for saying that basically the entire dairy industry if fucking evil is completely bat shit insane and is PETA’s M.O. when it comes spreading misinformation to get more money from saps.  Thankfully Nintendo has not responded to PETA and probably won’t.  So  check out the letter below from PETA and let us know what you think.

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