Holy Pre-Order Disaster! Deus Ex Pre-Order

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Pre-orders are a thing that aren’t going away.  There was a point in time when pre-orders were necessary for games (they still are for new systems) because there was a real chance that you could go into a Best Buy or Gamestop looking for a new release and it would be gone.

However, those days are long gone, thankfully, and unless the new release you’re looking for isn’t some obscure rare game you can walk into any Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, Target, Toys R Us, etc., and find the game you’re looking for.  And now with systems allowing you to digitally purchase games there is no fear of the game selling out.  On the off chance your local store doesn’t have it, just download it.

To combat this lack of pre-ordering game developers, along with retailers give you pre-order bonuses.  Pre-order (X) game from this store get this bonus DLC, with each store having their own unique DLC.  This method has pissed off a lot of gamers.  They don’t like being told where to shop and some might not have a certain store in their area in order to get that special DLC.

However, Square-Enix has taken this one step further.  They’re introducing a Kick-Starter element into pre-ordering by giving you tiers.  For the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there are five tiers, each tier giving a special treat to those who pre-order.  How to you get to each tier?  Well you don’t do it on your own.  See each tier is unlocked once a certain number of people pre-order that game.  So what’s the number for each tier?  We don’t know, Square isn’t saying, and probably won’t.

I don’t like this one bit, odds are these rewards were originally going to be included if you pre-ordered the game, but Square-Enix probably thought to themselves, “we can get more pre-orders if we do a tier system” which, sadly, they might be right.  The fifth tier is getting access to the game four days earlier, which is pretty sweet, but since we don’t know how many pre-orders that takes that tier might not ever be reached because Square-Enix doesn’t was to release the game early to anyone and is just dangling the carrot in front of the consumer.

Either way I’m not a fan of this at all.  The pre-order DLC exclusives are one thing (some cool, some not so cool) but having a tier system is like ransoming content.  Developers should be rewarding the fans who love their games so much that they want to pre-order them, not trying to turn them into pitch men to get their friends and family to pre-order games so they get all the content they can.

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