Games We’re Excited About This Fall

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Well dear reader summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner.  That means hoodie weather, pumpkin spice everything (bring on the bread and beer!), school for you youngins, and HOLIDAY VIDEO GAME SEASON!

As you can see, we’re excited here at Clash and we wanted to share with you all the games we’re excited about this fall which will no doubt put us in the poorhouse.


Disney Infinity 3.0: This Sunday, August 30, the long awaited Disney Infinity 3.0 drops and I say long awaited because, finally Star Wars is joining Pixar, Disney, and Marvel in the toy box.  If you saw the E3 demo this year for it then you saw all the cool game features Star Wars is bringing with it.  Also, not only is Star Wars coming along for the ride but Marvel figures from Avengers Age of Ultron, like Ultron and the Hulkbuster will be joining.  My son loves Disney Infinity (and yes I’ve been sucked in by it as well) and he can’t wait to get his hands on this, and he’s lucky he has a dad who is just as excited about this game as he is.

Metal Gear Solid V:  Kojima is gone but his finger prints are all over his final installment of the franchise he created way back on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  Critics have been raving about this game and frankly I’m not surprised.  I played the preview games Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero last Christmas and I was sold right then and there (you can download this game for free on XBL for the next couple of days).  This is for sure Kojima’s last Metal Gear game and rumors are it might be the last Metal Gear game period.  If so then this is a lovely swan song for the series and it’s creator.  We can’t wait to get our hands all over this on September 1.

Mad Max:  Mad Max: Fury Road was probably the biggest surprise hit of the summer.  On September 1 it’s video game counter part will be released on the masses and early critical response has been positive.  It’s a car based battle game which has you customizing your car based on your mission.  It looks like an entirely badass new version of Twisted Metal.

Mario Maker:  This is my most anticipated game of the fall.  I can’t wait to not only get down on some old school side scrolling platforming action, but also my aforementioned son is quite creative (he’s one of those kids who just builds and builds on Minecraft) so I can’t wait to turn Mario Maker over to him and see what devilish level designs he can come up with.  Also with the sharing feature you can upload your creations and download others.  This game should be a blast.

Destiny: The Taken King:  I’ll admit, I haven’t jumped aboard the Destiny bandwagon yet, but come September 15 I, along with many others, see the perfect opportunity to do so.  With The Taken King bundle from Bungie, newbies can jump right on into the action of Destiny.  I know my friend Khis will be happy that I’ll finally be jumping into the game since he’s been trying to get me on board since launch.

Lego Dimension:  So far I’ve managed to keep my son from hearing about this game, it’s bad enough that he was into Skylanders and now Disney Infinity, the last thing I needed was for him to say “Daddy, can we get Lego Dimensions?”  But holy hell, have you seen this game yet?  It’s got DC Comics, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, The Lego Movie, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, and DOCTOR MUTHA FUCKIN WHO!  Holy shit do I want this game but $99.99 price point for the starter back and $15-$30 for the playset is a high price to pay for entry, so where we’re excited for this one, we might have to wait for a Black Friday sale before we dive in to it.


Transformers Devastation: Transformers: Devastation was shown at E3 this year but was over shadowed by all the AAA titles shown but for those of us who were paying enough attention saw this games and holy hell were we blown away.  This isn’t Activision Fall of Cybertron series which was more of a reimagining of the original 80’s cartoon, nor is this a game for the shitty Michael Bay movies, no, this is a cell-shaded beauty that looks like an HD remake of the cartoon we all loved as kids.  This drops October 6 and man I can’t wait.

Rockband 4:  October 6 we see the return of a gaming fad that swept us all up in expressing our inner Rock Star.  Rockband returns for this new generation, like it’s counterpart Guitar Hero, they’re hoping that absence has made our hearts grow fonder for this gaming genre that crashed hard.  For me, this genre never died, whenever the moment strikes me I’ll bust out the mic stand and guitar and rock out on Rockband 3 and Beatles Rockband.  One of the reason this makes the list as opposed to Guitar Hero is because we can use all of our old plastic guitars and drums with it (even the old Guitar Hero guitars).  Plus if you pre-order this bad boy you’ll get an extra 30 songs.

Halo 5:  It’s Halo, we were in the beta and had a blast and we’re interested in seeing where this story goes.  For us Halo 4’s story kind of left a bad taste in our mouths but we loved the multiplayer so we can wait to try this one out and see if it will recapture all the fun we had in Halo 2 (so far the series’s best).

WWE 2k16:  Where to begin? Well first is the expansive roster. They are touting over 120 Superstars in the game. Secondly I’m really curious to see the improvements this year, as longtime fans we’ve played almost every WWE video game since Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, so I’ve seen their evolution over a couple of decades, and though there were some noticeable omissions last year on features, they weren’t really things the average player would care about too much. Lastly we’re looking forward to “My Career” Mode. Most people last year were all about Showcase mode (which makes its return this year as well) but for us it’s all about career mode. Our favorite thing to do in modern wrestling games is to create a Superstar along with creating our friends in these games. Last year they introduced the full on career mode and the ability to upload graphics, giving you the ability to make the most true to life version of you possible. Now that Yukes has had a year to refine this mode and get to know the current gen systems better, we think that the game is going to be awesome.  Plus if you preorder you get the T-800 from Terminator, now we just need Robocop to tag team with Sting. After you’re done here why do you check out our debate of which yearly sports franchise is better, Madden or WWE 2K.


Rise of the Tomb Raider:  I just recently picked up the reboot of the Tomb Raider Series, Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition.  Yeah I came late to the party on this one (though I like to think that I’m fashionably late), but what has us really excited about this sequel is you get to fight BEARS! You Completionist fans will get that reference.  That and the difficulty is revved up along with more tombs to find.  Crystal Dynamics has taken everything the did well in the reboot and are turning the dial up to 11.  If you haven’t played the reboot yet it is a free game in September on the Xbox One for Games with Gold, so check it out and get ready for Rise dropping November 10.

Fallout 4:  First off I’m totally bummed out that I wasn’t able to preorder the Pip Boy Edition of this game, I so badly wanted my own Pip Boy.  However, this game does come out the same day as Rise of the Tomb Raider so choices will have to be made, so I’m stoked for this game but I think I’ll grab Rise first (mostly because I feel I’ll be able to beat that game quicker) and then dive into Fallout so I can take my time and explore post apocalyptic Boston.

Star Wars: Battlefront:  Where do I begin with this game?  When EA dropped the original trailer for this game they damn near broke the internet.  Star Wars: Battlefront fans rejoiced because they’ve been waiting 8 years for a sequel.  Not only is this an FPS Star Wars game but you can also dog fight in your favorite Star Wars vehicles.  On top of that you’ll get the chance to jump out of the shoes of some nameless rebel soldier or Stormtrooper into the boots of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader and dole out some force and light saber damage.  This game drops on November 17 but if you’re an EA Access member, like me, you’ll get your hands on this game five days earlier on November 12.

There you have it dear reader, those are the games that we here at Clash are excited to get our hands on this fall leading into the holiday season.  What are some of the games you coming soon that have you excited, what ones did we miss.  Comment below and let us know.

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  1. Some greatness coming this fall.
    The list of games makes me want to venture out and actually play more than Destiny and Marvel Heroes. I have so many hours clocked for these two games that it is hard to break me away from them.

    • This is going to be a very expensive fall for me. I’m trying to prioritize this list as to what I want first and play the games accordingly, and hopefully I’ll catch some of these with a black friday sale.

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