Five Nights at Freddy’s

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You knew this was coming dear reader, we couldn’t resist for too much longer, we were eventually going to cover Five Nights at Freddy, and honestly how could we not?  This is probably the most searched for game on the net and where we don’t like going for low hanging fruit, we just couldn’t resist covering this game ourselves.

I’ll admit I wasn’t apart of the first wave of gamers who got in on this game (and honestly when you look back I’m not sure why anyone took a chance on this unknown game) but like many of you it was YouTube that got me interested.  It wasn’t a “let’s play” though that peaked my interest, it was MatPat over at Game Theory that made start thinking about this game.

For those of you who don’t know, Game Theory is a pretty interesting YouTube show that looks at videogames in a more scientific manner.  He covers everything from Five Nights to Mario, to how many bottle caps would you need in the real world and the world of Fall Out to purchase a copy of Fall Out 4.  It’s by far my favorite YouTube channel.

But anyways, back to FNAF.  As I said above, it was MatPat who got me interested in the game because of his theories about the story involved.  Before that I figured it was just a game with a bunch of jump scares.  I’m not interested in that, but once MatPat started pealing back the layers of this game like a scary onion I became interested.

Again, on the surface this isn’t my kind of game.  I don’t like the fact that I’m in a stationary position helplessly checking cameras and doors for creepy ass puppets.  I like to be in the action, with a gun or a sword, actively defending myself or taking the fight to my enemies.  So this game certainly pulled me out of my gaming comfort zone.  However it was pretty worth to see this story unfold and to look for clues, clues that I would be oblivious to if it weren’t for Game Theory.

I’ve had fun playing these games, more fun than I ever thought I’d have, and my son and nephew have even gotten in on the act.  The like watching me play and even get in on the act.  What I find interesting about this game is why we play.  I play because, like MatPat I’m now caught up in the lore of the game.  I want to figure out the full story.  Now on the other hand, my son (7) and my nephew (10) play because they want to prove they’re brave.  When one of us dies and we get the jump scare we scream, like you do, but them immediately start laughing.

We know these animatronics aren’t real and in reality pretty ridiculous as antagonists go, so when we lose at the game the sudden noise and character jumping at us gives us a quick jolt and scare but like a roller coaster that fear is quickly replaced by laughter and joy.  Our hearts are still pumping but we’re laughing at ourselves and each other for being scared, this is also why FNAF “let’s plays” are so popular.  The player on YouTube along with us get startled by the jump scare but then laugh.  We’re all having fun, and that my friends is the reason why we play games, to have fun.

So if you haven’t checked out Five Nights at Freddy’s do yourself a favor and hop over to Steam and grab a copy.  If you don’t like it within seven days (or so many hours, I really don’t remember) Steam lets you return the game, so there is no risk involved.  And also if you’re interested in the lore of this universe check below as I have the complete Game Theory FNAF video series embedded.  Also check out MatPat’s channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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