EA Access: Is it Worth It?

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EA Access is a new subscription based service from Electronic Arts which is exclusive to the Xbox One.  This service for $4.99 a month or $30.00 a year at first glance is a pretty decent value.  After all, for your money you have access to EA’s Xbox One vault which is where they place games for subscribers to download to their Xbox One’s for free.  This is very similar to Microsoft’s current Games with Gold program, where Xbox Live Subscribers get two games a month to download to their systems for free.  Also like Games with Gold on EA Access you can play these games whenever you like as long as you’re an active subscriber.

So what do you actually get for your money?  Well currently there are 14 games in the vault that you can download to your Xbox One system and they are: Dragon Age: Inquisition, NBA Live 15, FIFA 15 & 14, NHL 15, Madden 15 & 25, UFC, Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Peggle 2, Battlefield 4, and Need for Speed Rivals.  Most of these games go for more than $30 at your local gaming store so right there the $30 a year subscription is worth it.  EA promises to be adding more games as time goes on which will only add to the value of the service.

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What else do you get?  Well as a member of EA Access you’ll receive 10% off of any EA title you want to buy.   That doesn’t mean just the Vault titles, no, that’s for any EA game on the Xbox One.  Also EA Access subscribers will get an early trial to new EA Games that come out.   So for instance Madden 16 will be released on August 25th but EA Access members will be able to play it five days earlier on August 20th.

I picked up EA Access the other day and since it had four games on it that I wanted to purchase separately the $30 a year subscription fee seems well worth it, for at least 12 months, since I would have been paying at least $120 for all of those games individually.

My final thoughts on EA Access is that it’s well worth the money, for at least this first year.  As I mentioned above it’s saved me at least $90 and there are 10 other games I can download and see if I like them, who knows, maybe I’ll give FIFA a try and find out I enjoy soccer games (I doubt it).  Whether or not I’ll renew my subscription in a year will all depend on how man and what titles they add in the next twelve months, also there is a rumor that now that Xbox One has backwards compatibility that EA will begin adding their 360 catalog to this service, that would indeed increase the value of it and probably get me to renew my subscription.  The only downside to this system, for me at least, is that I have to download the games and cannot stream them so they’ll take up space on my hard drive.  Of course I can delete them when I’m finished and if I want to play them again I can just reinstall them, but of course this takes time to install them.

So if you like a few of the 14 games I’ve listed above and are an avid EA buyer (don’t forget this service will save you 10% off of new games) this is the service for you.  However, if you’re an EA fan but games you like aren’t in the vault yet, you might want to wait and check back with it in the future.  However, I’m going to go dive head first into Dragon Age, I’ve been waiting to play that game for a while now.

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  1. I decided to delve into the EA pass when Xbox was toting it with their games for gold…. Which, in my opinion, are typically ‘B’ games that, if you are a complete nerd of all things video games, will normally waste a few more hours of your life.
    I particularly have enjoyed UFC, NHL and NBA 15 because these are normally titles I do not purchase outright. Which, as Josh points out, makes it worth the 30 bones immediately. And, Josh, if there is one thing I can say, playing FIFA 15 with 3 or more users is awesome. Don’t knock it til you try it buddy.
    I think that the downfall will be the obvious… I can’t imagine EA will update the list with their newer sports games until just before the release of the next years version. Which any true madden fan or FIFA fan knows does not fly. We need the yearly vaccination of those new graphics, new player ratings, new rookies, new hit sticks etc, immediately into our bloodstream on release day. I mean, shit, there’s a reason that I called out of work for so many years, the day after madden came out.
    But I digress, back to finding Animus fragments for awhile. Bwahahahaha

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