Zelda DLC Controversy?

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When Nintendo announced earlier in the week that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would have a season pass pack for $19.99.

A lot of people (your’s truly included) were excited to hear about this, since the downloadable packs would include challenge modes, a new dungeon, a hard mode, and a whole new story.  However, a lot of people are up in arms about this, and many are saying that it’s not right to announce DLC before a game comes out and they’ve got their pitch forks and torches ready to set Nintendo ablaze.  But you know what, they’re wrong and I’ll tell you why.

First off the price of $19.99 is relatively cheap for a season pass giving that they have ballooned to upwards of $50 now.  So paying only $20 isn’t bad.  Also when you look at what you get for that it is a bargain, especially the hint of an all-new original story.  Given that this part of the pass won’t come out until the holiday season means they’ve got time to work on it and the last time that Nintendo attempted a DLC type Zelda game was back on the N64 and was for the N64 DD which was going to add on to Ocarina of Time.  However, what would become Majora’s Mask  only took a year to develop and ship.  Granted we’re less than a year away from this DLC’s release but the game went gold back in January so they’ve probably already started working on the DLC.  I’m expecting this whole new story be worth the $19.99.

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Also, as far as value goes, Nintendo has gone above and beyond with DLC for Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart, being well worth their prices, Nintendo is not going to skimp on the content for one of their flag ship franchises.

The all new hard mode that will be featured in one of the DLCs and there is a lot of speculation around it.  Sure Zelda games have had a hard mode unlocked one you beat them so are we paying now for hard mode?  I don’t think we are.  I think since they say “all new” hard mode I think we’re getting something that we haven’t seen in a Zelda game and I think this hard mode is going to be Zelda “Dark Souls”.  Since part of the game involves similar mechanics that are in Dark Souls, upping up the difficulty for the Zelda game to match the Souls series could really boost this game to a new audience of hard core gamers.

And lastly, you don’t have to buy it.  We already know we’re getting a sprawling game from Nintendo in this one so it’s not like some BS we’ve seen from EA and Activision, giving us a less than complete game and day one DLC.  Yes there will be Day One DLC for this, but those are just bonus chests and a shirt, the real meat would come this summer and winter.

So what do you think about this loyal reader?  Are you happy with a Zelda game that can be expanded upon?  Let us know in the comments below.

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