Why I’m More Excited For Civil War Than Batman v Superman

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Before I even begin I want to start off by saying this isn’t some cheesy fanboy as to why Marvel is better than DC or vice versa, it’s more or less my reaction to the different movie universes’ advertising and the build up in their respective movies.

First up I’ll deal with what each universe has done to build these heavy weight fights.  As far as DC goes, there has been one movie to build this up and that mostly just goes with peopling loving and hating John Cena, uh, Superman because of his fight with Zod, and the added bonus is that Superman doesn’t trust Batman (who isn’t in the first movie at all, well not on screen, he’s there in a flashback).

The build up for Captain America: Civil War has been building since the first Avenger’s movie and has continued through each appearance.  Cap and Iron Man have had an animosity underneath the surface and in May we’ll see that come to a head.  It’s looking like something to do with Bucky but as to what we’ll have to wait and see.

Right off the bat I’m more invested in Marvel’s heavy weight in the fight. This is because it’s had a build up, I’m more invested in Cap and Tony because I’ve gone through several movies with them.  I’ve seen them triumph together, fail, and argue.

One could argue that me being a nerd I know the back story between Superman and Batman so I don’t need the build up from films.  However, you do, these film versions of the characters are different from their comic book versions, as well as their other movie versions.  We need to see some build up to make the stakes matter.

Batman and Superman don’t know each other and are being pitted together by Lex Luthor, so we’re just going to see to heroes come to blows, which is cool but when you’re going up against another super hero battle royal you need just a little more.  Also Cap and Iron Man are more closely matched, where Superman could end the fight with Batman at anytime.

Secondly the advertising.  The last trailer for Batman v. Superman seemed to lay out the entire movie.  Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet, don’t like each other, their alter egos don’t like each other, Lex convinces them to fight, the battle (sort of) then team up with Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday.  DC says there is more, but unless Darkside shows up at the end I don’t think there will be too much more than what we’ve seen.

On the flip side, Captain America: Civil War has kind of kept most of their cards up their sleeve.  We know there will be a fight, we know the sides (except Spider-Man, more on him in a second), and we know Bucky is the spark to this fire, but we don’t know really why.  We suspect governments want Bucky for his crimes, but I feel there is more to that.

Like I said above, we haven’t even seen Spider-Man yet in this trailer or the very awesome 30 second Super Bowl ad, unlike the cool, yet not moving the needle for my viewing pleasure ad with Turkish Air.  Both were very good and enjoyable ads, but only the Cap one gets me excited because it shows very real stakes, where the Turkish Air one is an airplane ad with Batman and Superman.

So there you have it dear reader, this is why I’m more excited for Captain America: Civil War.  This doesn’t mean to say it will be the better movie, but their ads have intrigued me just a bit more than Batman v Superman.

Either way I’m super excited for both, but if you said I could only go to one I’d go to Cap.  So which one are you more excited for?  Let us know in the comments below.


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