We Find Out Why Leia Was At The Battle of Scarif

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Star Wars expert Pablo Hidalgo and company appeared on a recent episode of The Star Wars Show, and he was asked about why Princess Leia and her consular ship were at the Battle of Scarif and here it is;

As we saw in the movie Leia’s ship, Tantive IV, was stowed aboard Admiral Raddus’ ship during the battle.  There was an awesome scene involving Vadar trying to get back the stolen plans (check out a 16-bit version below) and then we see Leia’s ship shoot out for the larger frigate and right into hyper space.  Of course the problem with this was how would Leia have plausible deniability if caught since, you know here ship was at the battle aboard a rebel frigate.

So Hidalgo, when asked about this scene his explanation was that  Raddus was escorting Leia to Tatooine  to make sure she was safe when the word of the battle came in and they made a bee-line for the battle.  I’m not a big fan of this explanation, mostly because it reeks of “shit, we made a huge plot hole, we need to explain it!”

Hidalgo goes on to explain that Leia was on Yavin V the whole time during the movie but was kept hidden from the audience for the big reveal at the end of the movie, which is why we saw C-3PO and R2-D2.  However, their appearance also creates another plot hole in the movie because their appearance is while the Rebels are leaving Yavin to go to the Battle of Scarif so how did they get on Leia’s ship?  Given that at the end of Episode III 3PO’s memory was wiped and they were just given to Captain Antillies so they’re importance (if any) isn’t even close to what it is by the end of “A New Hope” so no one on Leia’s ship would be scrambling to find them to get them aboard.

I’ve said this before, what they should have done in order to get the Leia reveal at the end of the movie is that at the end of the Vadar scene where the rebel solider hands off the plans through the door, the solider that he hands it off to should know that his ship is fucked so he takes the disc to the comm room and they send the plans to Leia who is already on her way to Tatooine, because after all, one of the first things Vadar says to Leia were that the plans were transmitted to her ship.  This way we don’t have the weird plot hole appearance of Leia’s ship and we can still have her reveal at the end of the movie.

So what do you think loyal reader of this reasoning for Leia being at the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One?  Let us know in the comments below. Now checkout Vadar in 16-Bit.


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