They “Crazy Rich Asians”

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This weekend “Crazy Rich Asian’s’ opens nationwide and I’ve had a week to put my thoughts together.

This is a delightful rom-com centered around an Economics professor of Asian-American descent who meets her boyfriends family while attending a wedding in Singapore.

This is based on the novel of the same name and is part of a trilogy (‘China Rich Girlfriend’ and ‘Rich People’s Problems’).

(As a Filipino-American, born here) I must admit/point out two things. It’s been said that this is the first all Asian cast in 25 years, which is how long it’s been since The Joy Luck Club came out. It’s partly true. It’s the first Hollywood movie in 25 years to come out with an All Asian cast. An indie version came out in 2000, “The Debut” Filipino cast, coming of age movie (18th birthday as a Debut). (Admittedly, I have not seen it) Tamlyn Tomita had a message in the beginning of my viewing of the movie as she was in The Joy Luck Club which was ….awhile ago.

Here are some quick observations:

its “rich” porn,

it forces me to admit that a taller Asian with an accent will turn my head faster than a white guy;

RT ratings are over rated BUT this movie (aside from me being a Filipino-American) was a joy to watch.

it also feels like a Travel Video for the places to see in Singapore honestly.

A “Who’s Who” of Hot Asian Actors (IMO). Because now I follow their Instagram. I feel like EW exaggerates Black Panther a bit from the cultural – not being tainted by outside world – POV.

The reviews for Crazy Rich Asians are correct. I was, honestly, indifferent to watching the movie, at first. After watching though….the praise it’s getting? I think this movie lives up to the hype. And with every good review it receives, puts a smile on this little Asian’s face.

Here is the EW review published last week:

Oh yea, wait for after end credits apparently I missed something (and I thought Marvel movies taught me to wait)…

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