Star Wars Trailer Break Down

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Last night during Monday Night Football the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped during half time of the dreadful Giants vs Eagles game along with tickets going on sale for the December 18th Premiere (which broke the internet).

Since it’s premiere last night I’ve watched the trailer several times have pulled some clues from it.  Before you go any further in this article there may be several SPOILERS based off of theories folks have come up with since the first leaked images showed up on the web.  So if you want to go in clean on December 18 click back now, or just go to the bottom of the page to rewatch the trailer.  So here goes.


These observations mind you are in no particular order but I’ll tell you where they are in the trailer so you have a frame of reference.

First up some quick observations I made on the first watching last night;

Luke Skywaker is lacking in this trailer, and the poster for that matter.  We may or may not see his robotic hand touch R2-D2 near the end of the trailer, this is the same shot from the teaser a few months back, the one that had Luke narrating.  This could feed into the rumors that we don’t see Luke until the very end of the film and that he is indeed in exile.

There is a lot of Han, Chewie, Rey, and Finn which leads me to believe that not only are we going to be following Rey and Finn (who will probably be our two main heroes in this new trilogy) but we’ll see a lot of Han and Chewie as well, which is a bit surprising to me sense Ford has wanted Han to be killed off in two of the movies.

When we see Finn once again spark up the lightsaber (which we all assume was Anikan’s old one) from the last teaser footage, we now see a de-masked Kylo Ren coming after him.  Which makes me think Fin isn’t a trained Jedi at this point but simply sparks it in a desperate attempt at self defense.

Also at the start of the trailer we have voice overs by Rey and Finn.  Rey saying she’s nobody, which in these kinds of movies means she’s a somebody (more on that in a bit) and Finn saying “I was raised to do one thing…”  as we see what we assume is his Tie Fighter crashing onto Jakku.  What is that one thing?  Serve the First Order?  We’ve seen him as a Storm Trooper and they’re not clones anymore, are they?  Or do they just pluck kids at a young age to serve?  Or maybe he was a spy all along and he was raised by parents who infiltrated the First Order?  Let the speculation begin?

One down side to the trailer, no Andy Serkis’s Supreme Leader Snoke.  I was hoping for a glimpse of him, but since we didn’t see him on the poster I wasn’t surprised, but in the last trailer we at least got him narrating.

Now for a little more in-depth snooping.

At the start of the trailer at 0:29 we see Rey looking up at at a ship blasting off of her planet.  This reminds me a lot of Luke from A New Hope as he longs to get off of Tatooine.  Many have speculated that Rey is Leia and Han’s daughter, but I’m starting to think that she’s actually Luke’s child.  One of the reasons I think that is that at 1:10 in the trailer Rey and Finn are on the Falcon with Han and Han is telling them the stories about the light and dark sides of the Force are true.  It’s a quick scene but this doesn’t look like it’s part of a long lost father and daughter reunion.

Poe, Rey, Finn
Poe (Oscar Issac), Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boega): Image courtesy of

Also, why would Rey run away from her parents Leia and Han?  Even if the two split up it doesn’t mean their daughter would run away.  I think Rey is Luke’s daughter and something tragic happened that caused her mother to meet her end and Luke maybe thinking his daughter died as well went into exile for that reason.

At the 1:03 mark we see what looks like Kylo Ren interrogating Poe.  Ren puts his hand to Poe’s face then we get a red flash of a forest exploding.  Could this be the work of the Death Star looking thing from the poster?  A weapon that rumor has it can not only destroy a planet but an entire solar system?  I think so.  And are we seeing it action or is Kylo Ren using the force to show Poe it’s destructive powers?

While we’re on the subject of Poe, who is he really?  We know he’s an X-Wing pilot but casting Oscar Issac in the role and the amount of screen time he’s gotten from the two trailers means he more than just the next Wedge Antillies.  He’s central to the film.  He’s a skilled pilot so maybe he’s Han and Leia’s kid and not Rey?  Also in the extended universe books and comics the Solos had twins, one who turned out good and one who fell victim to the Dark Side.  I know those aren’t cannon anymore but what if, Kylo Ren and Poe are Han and Leia’s twin boys?  Kylo Ren isn’t his real name, and well Poe does have a last name its Dameron, there could be a bunch of reasons why he has a fake last name.  Again, I’m just spit balling here, but I do know Poe is more than just an X-Wing pilot.

We have Han’s narration of “…it’s all true, the dark side and the Jedi…” when he says “Jedi” (at 1:32) its on beat with Finn after a pat on the back from Poe.  A couple of things here, I think we’re being told that Finn will be the main Jedi in this new trilogy and this scene I think is near the end of the film because of the way Poe and Finn greet each other.  Somehow I feel they don’t meet until the middle of the movie (maybe Finn and Rey rescuing him from The First Order?) and by the conclusion they’re friends.  And as I said above Poe has to be more than just a pilot, maybe he becomes a Jedi as well, would make sense if my theory about him being Han and Leia’s son is true.  Also, why is BB-8, Rey’s droid, with Poe in the X-Wing?  R2 with Luke in a New Hope made sense, that was his droid, him and R2 were partners, why is BB-8 now Poe’s co-pilot.  I’m interested in finding that out, maybe along with Poe and Finn becoming friends he and BB-8 bonded as well.  Also, how cool is it that Han went from calling the Force a hokie religion to now saying the Sith and Jedi are real and everything about them is true.  Kind of awesome.

The snow planet.  We’ve gotten a look at a snow planet that J.J. has told is not Hoth in every sneak peak.  Well we’ve possibly gotten a look at two snow planets.  One being the possible base for the First Order as we see at 0:36 in the trailer.  Also when we see what might be Luke reaching out for R2 (1:39) you can see what appears to be ash or snow fluttering in the air.  I think Luke might have exiled himself on this snowy world and that’s where Kylo Ren goes looking for him and why we see start of a battle (1:58) between Fin and Ren about to take place because Fin, Rey, Han, and Chewie went looking for Luke as well.   At 1:39 we see Han and Fin coming up on a temple which might be the new Jedi temple, though admittingily there is green grass and snow around it.  So this could be where Luke is or a dead end or has nothing to do with Luke.  There appears to be a robot standing guard so maybe a New Republic base.

Right after we see R2 and Luke (?) we see a New Order invading force which I assume is the same planet Luke and R2 are on and we get a look at Captain Phasma leading Storm Troopers then right after that at 1:43 we see Ren striking someone down.  Could this be Luke because right after that we see Rey crying over someone with longer hair than Han’s.  Could this be a dead Luke and she’s crying over her father because we also see at 1:52 Han holding a crying Leia as well.  Could he have just given her the news of Luke’s death? Han does appear to be consoling her. (Update 2:12 PM Possible MAJOR SPOILER) after rewatching the first trailer and the second again, it appears what Rey is crying over what could be Finn’s leather jacket, then in the first trailer we clearly see a female hand (Rey’s?) handing Luke’s old light saber to another female hand (Leia?) and sense we do see Finn about to square off with Ren with Luke’s old Lightsaber and the fear on his face says he’s not experienced, could he lose that fight and die and Rey returns the lightsaber to the only Skywalker she knows?

Then closing out the trailer we have the narration “The Force, it’s calling out to you… Just let it in”  the first part of this narration sounds like Leia and the second part sounds like Rey.  I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, and during this narration is when we see the Ren and Fin showdown so it leads us to believe this speech is directed at Fin, especially since it ends with Rey’s voice saying “Just let it in” but I think the first part is Leia talking to Rey (either her niece or daughter) and telling her to embrace the Jedi within herself. (Update:  The voice at the end of the trailer is Maz Katana, hat tip


So a couple of things about character speculation from myself and gathered from around the web.  I think it’s obvious the Rey is of Skywalker decent.  Whether that’s Luke’s daughter (my theory) or Han and Leia’s daughter (everyone else).  Who is Finn, a popular theory is that he’s Han’s son from a previous marriage, see the Star Wars comics for that, apparently Han was married before A New Hope.  I have no idea where Poe fits in at the moment, but I kind of dig my Poe and Ren are Leia and Han’s kids.  Ren could be of Skywalker decent as well.  It would explain his Vader obsession and he’s Force sensitive he he could have inherited that from his parents, so again, could be Luke’s son or Leia’s and Han’s son.  Like I said, I think Poe is more than just a pilot.

(UPDATE 1:26PM)  So after watching the first and second trailers I’m thinking Finn was brought up on a planet under New Order control and always wanted to fight on their side, but he witnesses something that makes him switch sides minute 1:16  of the first trailer we see a black Tie Fighter just wreaking shit in a hanger.  In the second trailer at 0:41 we see what looks like that same Tie Fighter trying to escape a Star Destroyer and getting shot down and landing on Jakku where he’ll meet Rey.

That’s what I have so far, let me know what you think, what I might have missed.  I’ll be adding more to this if I find anything else in the trailer (I’m going to watch it 100 more times), so check back periodically for updates.

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    • I’ve heard some people thinking Poe is Luke’s son or possibly a one time student (same with Ren) we’ll have to wait and see, but I like you’re on the same page with me in thinking that Poe is more than just a pilot. I hadn’t really thought of Finn being Lando’s son. I don’t know about being a mole though. I think he actually at one point believed in the New Order’s cause but then witnesses something to change his mind.

      December can’t get here fast enough.

  1. SO I just read a really interesting theory regarding Luke and Ren, possible that JJ decided to cover up Kylo Ren’s identity and it will actually be Luke Skywalker. I mean he has a memorial of Vader and it’s not like the dark side struggle is not in his DNA. Could this be a reason that we don’t see Skywalker in the latest clip? That could be a huge twist Abrams could twist even more. I know that we are constantly reminded that the “dark side” of the force is the “bad” side of the force, perhaps instead it is the correct side of the force the entire time, and it took Luke this long to figure it out……….. nope I’m looking way into it…..C’mon December! Check out the theory HERE:

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