Star Wars: Battlefront $50 Season Pass?

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2015 has been a pretty good year for Star Wars fans.  We started the year off with a teaser trailer, then later on got an even better trailer, the usually secretive J.J. Abrams has pulled back the curtain a little and has revealed some pretty cool photos form the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, oh and let us not forget Force Friday, also at E3 we got our first look at EA’s and DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront and we were blown away.

The game looks amazing and the beta that was released this weekend has been a lot of fun to play (Kudos to EA for releasing this beta on a holiday weekend), however this might be the last of the pre-release praise that gets heaped on EA and here’s why.

Last month it was announced that there would be no single player campaign in this game, you’d either go online to play against other players or there would be a single or two player survival game where you just how to out last wave after wave of Imperial Forces trying to kill you.  This is a bit of a bummer because this isn’t some generic FPS, this is Star Wars, there are a number of stories you can tell using this license, and not just playing as Rebels but playing as Imperials as well.  But alas no, there is no single player missions, just like what has been rumored with the next Battle Field game coming from DICE and EA next year.

But dear Padawan I have even more bad news than no single player campaign, is reporting that EA will be charging a whopping $50 for the season pass DLC.  Holy shit!  Season passes lately have gotten out of hand, with games like Arkham Knight charging $40 for their DLC which I thought was steep, but so far AK’s DLC has been pretty deep and feels fairly worth it.  Though full details have not been released yet on what you will get with this season pass it is pretty obvious that it will be a bunch of map packs.  And there has been a push back lately from gamers about this practice of releasing few maps with a game at launch and then charging out the wazoo for DLC map packs.  Gamers feel that they aren’t getting their $60 worth of a game and to get the full game they have to shell out money for DLC.  In the case of Battlefront that’s going to cost you a whopping $110.

This outrageous season pass price actually doesn’t come as much as a surprise to me since a couple of weeks ago, The Know did a video talking about Battlefront and who Disney gets a huge chunk of the profits this game makes, so the $50 price tag for the DLC is probably EA trying to at least make some money off of this game.  With the $50 season pass be worth the money (probably not)?  Will you buy the season pass?  Or has this DLC price tag kind of scared you off from the game?  I’ll be honest with you, as much as I love Star Wars and as much fun as I had with the beta (tearing through Rebel scum with Darth Vader is euphoric) I am seriously thinking about canceling my pre-order for this game.

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