Oliver Stone on Pokemon Go

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Well you know your app has reached super star proportions when the likes of paranoid director Oliver Stone is commenting on it at Comic Con, also why is Oliver Stone at Comic Con?

Well Stone is there to promote and screen his movie Snowden which follows the events that lead former NSA agent Edward Snowden to leak several NSA classified documents to WikiLeaks, which still leads the question as to why he’s there, Snowden isn’t really a Comic Con movies, but with the rise of Comic Movies, Hollywood thinks San Diego is the place to show off your movie.

Anyways, the JFK director had this to say about Pokemon Go;

“It’s not really funny.  What’s happening is a new level of invasion, the profits are enormous here for places like Google.  They’ve invested a huge amount of money in data mining, what you are buying, what you like, your behavior.  It’s what some people call surveillance capitalism.”

Stone also believes this will allow corporations to manipulate our behaviors and calls it “totalitarianism”.

He does have some points in the matter, many of us agree to EULAs without reading them and a lot of them give these apps a lot of access to our browsing behaviors on our phones and computers which is why we get ads on Facebook or Pop-Up ads that seemed to be tailored to us or have products we’ve recently searched for.

However, I think Stone is a little more paranoid about this than he needs to be.  As far as controlling us, we’re not a spiecies of weak minded Stormtroopers, we know what droids we’re looking for and a Google Ad won’t confuse us (note this isn’t true for this site, feel free to click on the ads here all you like, they’re good ads and help us out).

You know, they are talking about a live action Pokemon movie, maybe Stone would like to direct that?  What do you think, well let us know in the comments below.

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