Old 8mm and 16mm Home Movies Transferred to DVD or Digital Format

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Families with old movies on film can now preserve their memories through Photo-60’s film to DVD conversion now available through their Website (http://www.photo60studio.com). With their film and video transfer process, Photo-60 can convert old 8mm film, Super 8mm, 16mm film, camcorder, and VHS videos onto DVDs that will play in home player. Photo-60 can also preserve 35mm negatives and slides by scanning them to DVD or CD formats.

“At Photo-60 Studio we take pride in capturing old family home movies and preserving them for the next generation. We have been capturing old home since 1996. The technology has changed thru the years but the same great care and customer service for old home movies have stayed the same. All our home movies are done in our 3000 square feet facility in Woodbridge, VA, said Chris Ariasaif, owner of photo60studios.com. “Once the process is complete the customer will receive their originals back, along with video content preserved on either DVD, Blu-ray or onto an external hard drive.” Customers with questions about converting movie film to DVD can contact 1-800-683-8171 or e-mail the owner chris@photo60.com.

Before the digital age old home movies was stored on Kodak 8mm film. 8mm film was developed during the great depression by Eastman Kodak and released to the market in 1932. 8mm film was less expensive than 16mm for shooting amateur home movies.

There is millions of old 8mm home movies sitting in peoples attics that need to be archived for future generations. Precious memories from Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, anniversaries can now all be digitized and store onto a DVD, Blu-ray Disc or external hard drive.

photo60studios.com is proud to introduce the newest telecine machine the DV8 Sniper HD. For all your 8mm and 16mm film each frame that passes thru our cool running LED light Pulse Gate is scanned by a high resolution next generation 3CCD camera at a stunning 1920x1080P. The captured frame by frame images will be sharp from corner to corner and flicker free.

Customers can send in as many films for conversion as they like, and most orders are processed within 10 working days. Once the reels are captured, we can transfer the AVI files to either the customers’ external hard drive or onto a DVD. We also offer the 8mm and 16mm home movies transfers to a Blu-Ray. After the 8mm and 16mm reels orders are completed, they are safely shipped back via USPS or FedEx.

About Photo60studio.com (photo60studio.com):

Photo-60 is a Custom Photo Lab, established in 1996 with the purpose of providing customers with the finest photographic services. Photo-60 provides a variety of services, from online printing, processing C-41 Film, to restoring old photos, to converting movie film to DVD.

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