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Well we made, we made it through the holiday season and through 2015 and now we’re in the mystical land of 2016!  Back to the Future didn’t prepare me for this, it only got me through 2015 so fellow nerds we’re in uncharted territory here so let us gaze into my crystal ball, a.k.a the internet and see what the video game gods have in store for us this year.

First up I’m going to take a look at the only system coming out next this year and that’s the Nintendo NX.  There is no real concrete information yet on the NX (my guess is that this isn’t the system’s final name) but because I love the house of N I’m excited for this system and to see what it will offer.  Also what I like about it is that Nintendo will still continue to support the Wii U, which I like because I’m still invested in that system because, in spite of few buying it, there are plenty of solid games out on that system.

Staying with Nintendo, they’re going to open 2016 with the long awaited Star Fox Wii U.  I’m a huge Star Fox fan and we haven’t gotten a proper Star Fox game on the console since the N64 so it’s been a bit.  They game looks awesome and anyone who enjoys a good plane/jet shooter (like I do) then this is the game for you.  Also from Nintendo, Zelda Wii U will finally come out this year, which is the franchise’s 30th anniversary (not to mention an HD remake of Twilight Princess).  Other than being an open world and throw back to the original game where you can choose where to go and when, not much is known about the game as a whole.  We’ve seen screens and the game in action and it looks wonderful.  Like every Zelda before it I will be buying this game and can’t wait to get it home to play, probably holiday time this year.

Next up is Tom Clancy’s Division which has my colleague Nelson super excited for. In spite of it’s delays and such many people are excited for this.  The open world MMO shooter will probably go one of two ways, people will love it and it will be the ground breaking game that it’s boasted to be, or like the last overly hyped, often delayed Ubi Soft game Watch_Dogs.  My hopes are that this game succeeds, if for only that developers will continue to take risks with new games instead of relying on the same tried and true formulas.  Not every new idea works but I’ll never hate on a company for trying, unless it’s a just absolutely stupid idea like Wedding Designer for the DS.

Far Cry: Primal takes the surprising hit Far Cry (seriously this game just kind of came out of no where and continues to improve) and throws you back in time to the caveman days, which again sees Ubi Soft doing something new and different.  Far Cry is popular for many reasons and it’s gun play is one of them which won’t be in this game (at least not from what we can see, but who knows really with video games there could be an unseen alien ship that grants you guns later in the game) so you’ll be depending solely on spears, bows, and rocks.  This game will be a lot of fun or make people long for Far Cry 4.

No Man’s Sky is a highly ambitious game that boasts a universe nearly as big as the actual universe for gamers to fly around and explore.  It looks to offer an interesting and never ending open world exploration and I can’t wait to see how many gamers see if they can explore it all.

Maybe the most anticipated game of 2016 might be the first episode of Final Fantasy VII the remake that everyone wanted but will ultimately disappoint.  I don’t say that to be pessimistic but the hype and want for this game has been so high, and the fact that SquareEnix has said that since this game is being divided into episodes instead of one big game and that each episode will offer a different experience this game can’t help but disappoint many of it’s loudest fans who have been screaming for a remake.  This being maybe my 5th favorite Final Fantasy game (if you must know my order it goes 9,6,4,5,7) I don’t have as much riding on this game as many others out there.  And since I haven’t played VII since it’s initial release a new take on the game might refresh it for me.  Also, unlike a lot of people I like the idea of an episodic take on the game since I’m now in my 30’s and I don’t have the time to grind out a classic JRPG like I did in high school.  So in spite of this game being so highly anticipated since the PS3 was announced it can’t help but disappoint, but for me, however, unless it’s actually a bad game, I can see myself enjoying it immensely.

And lastly, at least for now, our most anticipated game of 2016 is Blizzard’s first new IP since Star Craft is Overwatch.  This blend of team shooter and RPG looks fantastic as well as folks who got into the BETA have been singing it’s praises.  The unique character design as well as the focus on team work to win hearkens to Team Fortress and Blizzard’s knack for just making fun and addictive games bodes well for this new IP and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

So there you have it, the games we can’t wait for this year.  Did your’s make the list?  If not let us know what you’re excited for this year.

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