My Questions About the Stranger Things Super Bowl Commercial

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So during the “Big Game” this past Sunday we were treated to a teaser ad for season 2 of Stranger Things.  The internet wet nuts for it, but me on the other hand, I was luke warm.    So watching the commercial a couple of things bugged me. The most obvious thing was that we have to wait until Halloween to get season 2.  That is my major gripe with series made to be binged on.  Where a weekly show (for the most part) will start the season while they’re filming later episodes means there is less time between the end of the season and the start of the next.  Binge shows (like Netflix’s) have to film and edit every episode of the season before we can watch episode one, so literally we the viewer (because we have no self control) have to wait about a year for new episodes because we’ll consume the entire season in a weekend.  So that was my biggest problem because I was expecting it to be out late spring or early summer since season one came out in July of 2016.

However, there are a couple of other things that bugged me, and I’d like to say that these are nitpicks and completely out of context given it was a 30 second ad.  First and foremost there will be spoilers from season one so if you haven’t watched or finished season one don’t read any further.  At the end of season one after Will makes it home he coughs us some sort of slug into the sing and has a worried look on his face.  Obviously this is foreshadowing season 2 and that the upside down world was not fully defeated.  My fear with this, and what we saw from the teaser is that season two might just be a rehash of season one with just a bigger monster.  Again, this is out of context but I’d like season two to differ itself enough from season one.

Secondly those proton packs we see the boys wearing in the teaser look way too good for kids.  They’re obviously not licensed toys because I had one and they were navy blue and didn’t look that good.  Also I doubt the boys made those themselves, so come on show runners, let’s not over do these costumes here.

Also, what about that giant Cloverfield like monster we see a drawing of (probably by Will) and then we see it against a red sky.  This brings up two questions, one are we going to see this giant monster or will the season be based around the boys trying to prevent it from coming?  And if this monster does show up, what does it mean for our heroes’ little down?  Season one, in spite of its supernatural plot, seemed to set itself in the real world with many pop culture references that exist in our world.   Because of this it would be hard to imagine having a giant monster destroying a town or city.  This was a good spot in the trailer because it gives us a lot of questions for the up coming season.

Also, I believe the only time we see Will is the vision of the Monster and him opening the door.  The shots of the other boys there are only the three of them from season one, does that mean Will once again goes to the Upside Down world, or is he (and not Eleven) the one we see scientist experimenting on?

There are a lot of questions regarding the next season of the show, my fear for it is that it will just rehash season one instead of expanding on it.  Season one felt like a self contained story with a teaser at the end just in case they were green lit for season two they’d have something to go off of.  I’m not sure where they go from here but I’m eager to find out.  What did you think about the teaser?  Let us know in the comments below.

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