Meet the Slimers?

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You have got to be fucking kidding me Paul Feig, serious that has to be some sort of fucking joke?  Nope, it’s not, we have “the Slimers” in the new Ghostbusters… FUCK!


Dear reader, I really, really, really, want to give this movie the benefit of the doubt here, I really do, but it seems with everything I see for this new film (re-release of Ecto-Coolers aside) that it just seems wrong.

First off, yes the original film was a comedy, but it was a smart comedy with a dry sense of humor that relied mostly on the intelligence of the audience more than site gags and slap stick.  In fact really the only slap stick I can really think of from the first one was Peter getting slimed by Slimer, pretty much the rest of the humor was derived from the brilliant comedic timing of the four leads (not to mention the under rated comedic prowess of Annie Potts).

Maybe one of my favorite moments comes from Ghostbusters II with the original three powering up their packs for the first time in the movie “Do” “Rey” “Egon”, Harold Remis’s smirk in that and Bill Murray’s sarcastic look is great and it subtle but effective. Everything I’ve seen in the trailers from the reboot has been spastic yelling, slap stick, or pretty offensive stereo-type jokes.  This is just coming off as a low brow comedy on par with Adam Sandler’s Pixels.

the new ghostbusters

The worst part of all of this is that all four actresses (and Chris Hemsworth included) are all capable of the comedy that made the first two films so memorable.  It’s a shame really because this could have been a good sequel (I say sequel because rebooting this was a dumb idea) where the three living Ghostbusters could pass the reigns off to a new generation.  Instead Sony in their stupidity and foolishness to trying and create a franchise rushed this into production and what we may end up with is a serviceable comedy, but nothing on the legendary status of the first two movies.

Anyways, checkout the latest tv spots below and let us know if you plan on seeing the new film when it comes out in 9 days.

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