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Hi Everybody!

It’s Friday once again. Marty McFly made it to 2015 this past Wednesday, and I finally got my hoverboard. Now it’s time to make the donuts. and by make the donuts I mean talk about some anime.

Dragon Ball Super ep. 15

This week’s Dragon Ball episode was one of those weird between story arch episodes. I guess you could call it filler, but I’m Not quite sure really. Shows that have an ongoing manga series at the same time as a show often catch up to each other Ex: Bleach the anime would catch up to Bleach the manga in the middle of a story so they would have to come up with a story that was not from the source material and often times not as good or just suffers because of the timing. I don’t know if Dragon Ball Super has a manga to go along with the series so like I said before, I’m not sure we can call this one filler. Whatever you want to call it, the episode I found was very entertaining.

The episode this week revolves around Hercule Satan (gonna adopt the Screw Attack Name for him) taking credit for defeating Beerus. and just as I thought from last week, the footage of him going “Super Satan” ( they never called him that btw) was just him weaving his lies over the general public when aliens land at his event. The aliens were pretty goofy and long story short they wanted to honor the “Hero” that defeated Beerus but also wanted a demonstration of his power. Whis some pretty hilarious cameos from Goku and Piccolo, the episode was that strange mix of action and absurd comedy that only Akira Toriyama does. the preview of next week’s episode however does imply what I thought they were going to do which was bridge the gap between Battle of the Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ with Vegeta asking to train with Whis.

3.5 out of 5

Naruto Shippuden ep 435

Sigh… going back to what I said about filler earlier. Sometimes filler stories can be good, but if the timing is wrong, it can really affect the interest in the arch. That is what I think happened to this story arch because I JUST DON’T CARE. I should care though, This arch is like a “What If” storyline where I get to see some characters that would have never gotten the chance to see interact with each other, and then there’s the man in the Mask that Obito wore throughout his time as Tobi. I don’t want to spoil anything with that, so I won’t say anymore about that development. But this story’s timing and the length of the arch is not fairing well. I REALLY want to get back to the main story, and the fact that Toei Animation is dragging the series out like this is very painful. It would have been better if this one was done as a movie.

2 out of 5

And now it’s time again for the trivia question for a 48 Premium pass to Crunchy Roll, and Here we go:

“Rorshach from Watchmen was the inspiration for which Attack on Titan character?”

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