Ecto Cooler Beer! Say What?!

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My own personal Peter toy from the 80’s. It survived but his proton pack did not.

If you’re a child of the 80’s than you were probably a fan of the Ghostbusters movies as well as the extremely awesome The Real Ghostbusters Saturday morning cartoon.  Spawning from that cartoon were a ton of merchandise, including action figures, proton packs, and even a Hi-C drink called Ecto-Cooler.

Once again, if you were a child of the 80’s not only did you love Hi-C but Ecto-Cooler was more than likely your go to.  The drink has had a bit of a retro revival with people posting the old commercial on YouTube, reminiscing on how much they loved the drink, or even Ecto-Cooler scented candle.

However, by far the coolest revival of this flavor has been from a Pennsylvania Brewing Company by the name of Tired Hands.  They call their invention the Nector-Cooler.  Their process involves grilling nectarines and infusing them with their wheat beer.

However, this cool news comes with a downer.  As reported by Geek Tyrant, Tired Hands have already sold out of the batch and don’t currently plan on making another.  One can only hope that they decide that this is a flavor they need to continue.  In the meantime I’m going to keep an eye on their website in hopes that they bring it back and then I’m planning a trip up to Pennsylvania.  All I need to know is, who’s coming with me?

By the way, the Ecto-Cooler candle pic is from Diana Prince’s instagram, give her a follow for awesome nerd and horror stuff @dianaprincexo

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