Casting Call: Tomb Raider Reboot

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It was just announced that Roar Uthaug will direct the reboot of Tomb Raider and nothing else, no story, no hint at to which Tomb Raider game this will be based on, but this isn’t going to stop us here at Clash to wildly speculate on this film.

First and foremost the film will probably be on the recent reboot of the video game series by Crystal Dynamics which tells the origin of Laura Croft.  Given that, I think some of the cast will be based on their first Tomb Raider game, now whether or not they follow the same story as the game is yet to be seen, but in all honesty I’d like to see something similar to the plot.

A crew for a National Geographic type show searching for a lost treasure and gets ship wreaked on a mysterious island is a cool plot.  Now I’m going to cast this based on the cast of the game with the knowledge that all these characters probably wouldn’t make it into the movie, and that the villain of the game, might not be the villain of the movie.

First up is Laura Croft and I know that the studio would want to go for a mainstream actress that everyone knows and loves and I say, “no studio, resist that,” after all the first film had Angelina Jolie and well it wasn’t that good, it was riding the popularity of the game series and it’s lead actress.  For this new adaption I’d go for the game’s voice actress Camilla Luddington.  Not only does she look like the character, and does the character’s voice but has real acting chops as well, from acclaimed shows like Californication, True Blood, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Playing Sam, who is the intern on the crew and seems to really look up to Laura and is sort of her sidekick, I’d pick X-Men Age of Apocalypse actress Lana Condor.  She has the look of the character and with her youth would play that intern role well.

Conrad, who is Laura’s dad’s friend and Laura’s mentor is a grizzled old Brit treasure hunter and would be played perfectly by Sean Bean.  Lately this seems to be the role for Bean, the fatherly figure to the main characters, dispensing wisdom when needed or action as well.  He would be great for that father figure for Laura.

To play Jonah the cameraman and muscle of the crew I like Pete Tuiasosopo, probably best known for his role as E. Honda in the 1994 classic Street Fighter the Movie, who was Chun Li’s cameraman, an while playing Tomb Raider I kept thinking of Pete everytime Jonah was on the screen.

Joslin who is a badass (sometime complaining too much) character would best be played by Danai Guiria, best known as Michonne from The Walking Dead.

Angus Grim who was the ships captain, I would get Brendan Gleeson to play him because he’s a fucking bad ass and would own that role.

Dr. James Whitman is the team’s lead and host of the show but is such a wormy wuss  who I actively rooted for him to die throughout the game.  I think Topher Grace would fit this role well.  I enjoy his acting and from his role on That 70’s Show he can pull the wuss off really well.

Alex the nerdy guy who is secretly in love with Laura was kind of a throw away character who seemed to only exist to sacrifice himself, so to play him I wanted to pick an actor who’s character he’s most famous for kind of started out that way but through his acting has become his shows top two characters, and that’s Steven Yeun.  Glenn was pretty forgettable at first but Steven’s acting made us really like the character and his role in the show became bigger because of it, maybe he can do that for Alex.

Lastly, the game’s villain Mathis who may or may not be the villain in the movie (because it might be completely different from the game) but if they go with him then they’d need to cast someone who is charismatic but could turn psychotic in a moments notice and I think Woody Harrelson would be perfect in this role.  Thinking about his roles like Natural Born Killers and Zombieland makes me think he’d be great for this role.

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