Casting Call: The Wolverine 2

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Yesterday as I was finishing up my article on Old Man Logan I began to think to myself, “what would be a proper send off for Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine?”

The first thing I thought about was whether or not they should try adapting another comic book arch, it’s something Fox has done with pretty good success, The Wolverine was 90% fantastic (minus the way the climax was handled) and Days of Future Past was handled well as well, but then I thought, no I’d rather see an original story but what would that story be?


For me my favorite Wolverine stories are the ones where he is unleashed and almost completely feral, granted, heroic Wolverine who started the Jean Grey School for Mutants is a noble Wolverine and enjoyable but when Wolvie hulks out and unleashes his rages is when he’s at his best, and also those are some of Jackman’s best scenes as the character.  My all-time favorite X-Men scene is from X-2 when Stiker’s forces attack the Mansion and Wovlie goes all Commando on them.

I don’t just want a scene like that in Jackman’s final appearance in the role, I want a whole fucking movie like that.   So how do we get there?  How do we unleash the full on killing potential of The Wolverine?

Simple, The Wolverine vs Predators!

One of the biggest problems with comic book movie villains is that directors like to kill them off (though that trend with Marvel has been going down to a degree) but with the Predators (that’s right plural) you can kill them off all you want since there is a whole planet of them out there somewhere so Wolverine could cut through them all he wants.

For this movie I have one major idea but with two different teams that can be interchanged.  So it starts in the Canadian wilderness where several Wendigos turn up dead.  Given that Wendigos are these mythical and extremely dangerous creatures the Canadian government becomes concerned that someone or something extremely dangerous is in their country.

So here is the only place where the stories differ.  The Canadian government sends in Alpha Flight consisting of The Guardian, Puck, Maverick, Sasquatch, North Star and Shaman.  Puck being one of Wolvie’s oldest buddies calls him up for help with this.  Or the Canadian government reaches out to Xavier for help and Xavier sends in X-Force with Forge, Warpath, X-23, Fantomex, Caliban, and they are led by Logan.  At the bottom I’ll reveal who I’d like to play these characters.

Wolverine leads either team into the wilderness where the encounter a Wendigo and we see just how tough and terrible these creatures are as it takes the entire team to take them down.

From there the team goes about investing the area trying to figure just what the hell is going on in the wilderness and that’s when a Predator attacks, there are three of them in total though.  The Predator kills two characters (Alpha Flight: North Star and Maverick) (X-Force Caliban and Forge), and the Predator escapes but is injured either by Sasquatch or X-23 depending on the team used.

In the fight Wolverine doesn’t yet become feral he’s too busy trying to lead the team against the foe he’s never faced before.

Instead of pursuing like X-23 or Guardian wants to Logan thinks the team should regroup.  A slight difference between the two teams here is that X-Force is more inclined to follow Wolverine where as Alpha Flight is pissed that two team members are now dead and this outsider is bossing them around.

In both stories Wolverine decides they need to set up a camp as well as a trap, he gets the sense that the Predator is hunting and the attack wasn’t random and he’ll be back.  When asked “what the fuck was that thing and can we even kill it?”  Wolvie steals Arnold’s line from the original Predator, “if it bleeds we can kill it.”

In each tale Warpath and and Sasquash don’t listen, their friends were killed and they want revenge now.  They use their tracking skills to find the injured Predator.  Warpath/Sasq finds the Predator and battles against it barely doing anything and is killed.  His screams are heard by the rest, Wolverine barks at the others to stay as he goes after the sound of the scream.

Wolvie sees the Predator standing over his dead teammate and the rage starts to boil over.  Wolverine goes full feral and attacks.  The battle is intense and ends when Logan slices the Predator’s head off.  He brings the head back to the others and tells them it’s time to go home.

On their trek out of the wilderness they’re ambushed by two Predators.  A huge battle ensues with Guardian and Shaman going down (on the Alpha Flight side) and Fantomex dying (X-Force side) but not before taking out a Predator.  Then Puck and North Star are badly injured near death leaving Wolverine alone to fight the Predator.  If it’s X-Force then X-23 is impaled by the Predator against a tree, she has a healing factor as well and doesn’t die but can’t help Wolverine.

If he’s teaming with Alpha Flight Wolverine has an epic battle with this last Predator who throws everything he has at the old knuckle head.  I’m talking lasers, bombs, wire netting and his claw he uses in hand to hand.  Wolvie takes a beating but keeps coming at the Predator.  We get to see his healing factor working over time as chucks of him are blown away by the Predator.  This goes on for a few minutes until Wolverine kills it.  If he teams with X-Force this fight pretty much goes the same except the Predator (beaten up badly) pins Wolverine down and knows he can’t kill Wolverine conventionally so he opens his wrist guide and is getting ready to set off his nuclear bomb, then out of no where X-23 lunges and chops off it’s head.  We see her standing over the dead Predator with a massive hole in her stomach beginning to heal.

In the Alpha team-up a Canadian helicopter comes to pick up the remaining members.  Logan loads the two remaining and badly injured Alpha Flight members on the chopper but doesn’t get on.  He just says he’ll walk.  In the X-Force team-up movie he and X-23 make their way back to the X-Men’s Blackbird.  They load up the bodies of their fallen friends along with the bodies of the Predators (for Beast to study) but Wolverine doesn’t get on the plane.  X-23 asks if he’s coming and says, “No, I’m home kid.”  and the plane takes off with Wolverine walking off into the woods.

Boom!  The end of Wolverine’s story in movie universe.  Sure they’ll eventually recast him but this is a fantastic way for Hugh Jackman to leave the role.

As far as the deaths in this movie goes, I picked Alpha Flight for one version because it takes place in the middle of Canada, if shit starts going down there the Canadian government would investigate so in this version Alpha Flight is a thing and that’s who they send in but also wanting Wolverine’s help since (at least in the comics) he has a history with the Wendigo beasts.  This is a nice way of introducing Alpha Flight to the movie universe (assumptions by me that they’re part of the X-men deal) but also, lets face it we’re not going to see them again so they’re expendable.

With X-Force there has been talk about bring X-Force to the Movie-U so this would be a good start.  Xavier is contacted by someone in the Canadian government wanting his mutant’s help with this unknown thing and so Charles forms a team of the most brutal X-Men to fight and who better to lead than Wolverine, and of course I’m using the newer version of X-Force that in the comics Wolverine formed to do the X-Men’s dirty work.  We kill a couple of birds with one stone we bring back Warpath from DoFP but introduce 4 new X-Men to the movie U.  Sure I kill most of them off and only leave X-23 and I do this for two reasons.

First, I set her up to lead X-Force in future movies, she carries on her “father’s” (she’s really a clone) work and lead this new team, also the end of the movie is kind of a passing of the torch to where X-23 is the new Wolverine and we don’t have to hurry up and recast Jackman, in fact I dare say the leave the character alone for at least a decade.  Let’s let the new X-Men shine before we bring back Wolverine and literally put him in every film.  I’ll calling it right now Jackman has a cameo in Deadpool.

So, now on with the casting with of course knowing Jackman is Wolverine, Booboo Stewart as Warpath and Thomas Lemarquis as Caliban are already cast.

Alpha Flight:  Guardian-Brad Pitt, Puck-Jack Black, Maverick- Charlie Hunnam, North Star- Richard Madden, Sasquatch-Joe Manganiello, Shaman -Adam Beach,

X-Force: Forge- Javier Bardem, Fantomex-Stephen Amell and X-23-Katherine McNamara.

So What do you think about my cross-over Predator-Wolverine movie?  Sure it will never get made but tell me you don’t what to see it now.    Anyways, as usual, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Greetings to all of you who have read comic books (5%) and to those of you who have never picked up a comic book in your life(95%).I have been rendaig comic books since most of you all were knee high to a grasshopper. Most of you are not even old enough to remember that crappy cartoon from the 90’s about the X Men. It was better than the 3 Movies. Chinese Web was a better comic book movie than all 3 of those combined. They should have started with “First Class” and “Baptism by Fire”. They should have started with the 5. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. That is the way they should have started the movies. Maybe in 20 Years they will go back and fix it. I know people who have written for major comic book companies who hate these movies.So far the Best one was Punisher WarZone. As far as the Wolverine Movie. They should have started out with what would be akin to PTSD Flashbacks. Jumble them up because his memory is unreliable. Start with Korea, then hit the Mexican War, then hit WW2 with Captain American and the Howling Commandos, Then have him in Cuba with El Tigre to learn about Kennedy’s Assasination.Then you could end the movie with him joining Alpha Flight. Waits for most of you who have never picked up a comic books to have to go look up Alpha Flights.Gambit should look Rugged. Women love him because he is suave. He is that Dangerous Man that every woman loves. The type of person who would end a fight by handing an aggressive person a beer and the beer bottle somehow exploding in the guys face. Oooooh Its a Mystery. Sabretooth do not even get me started on why they should not put a mamas boy model as Sabretooth. I know the White Christians Murdered most of the Indians when they were acting under the Order of their God to Murder Indigenous People and Rape little Kids. Could we find an Indian or someone who looks the part to play Silver Fox. White Chicks should not play pissed off Indians. The Anonymous who posted on December 19th that disrespected the US Armed Forces. I had good friends, brothers, and sisters die in that desert. I do not appreciate you disrespecting them. I sweat, cried, and bled with those men and women.Proud Pagan Warrior,The BearPS Those of you who are over 18 who have read a comic book. A Friend of Mine runs a Comic Book Room on the Internet. Your more than welcome to check it out. Contact us via the Messageboard it is linked to the site.

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