Battle Grounds: Mario vs Sonic

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Mario Week continues today with Battle Grounds as we say “forget next summer’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the real super hero smack down has always been Mario vs Sonic!”  Back in the school yard you were either Sega or Nintendo, i.e., Mario or Sonic.  Today’s Sony and Microsoft fanboys like to take to the message boards anonymously and call each other names.  The real veterans of the Great Console Wars did battle face to face in the playgrounds across America in the late 80’s early 90’s.

So today Nelson and I restart that war as he takes the side of the blue blazer and I of the plucky plumber.  Nelson, as always, you may start.

Nelson:  Back in the hay day of Mario and Sonic was one of the best times to be a gamer. Sure we have a lot of flash and flair these days, but sometimes not a lot of pay off. But for games like Sonic you had to use what you had and make it work to your advantage. Sonic had a real sense of speed once you got going. Sonic was also the first game I could think of to get extra content in the form of the Sonic & Knuckles. Why Nintendo didn’t rip that idea off with Mario, I’ll never know. I guess they wouldn’t have needed it with all the spin offs for Mario, but then again had they done that then maybe there would have been a proper sequel to Super Mario world a lot soon than what we got.

Josh:  First off Nintendo didn’t have to rip off Sonic and Knuckles cartridge inside a cartridge because it was a fad, and a terrible fad at that.  Every time Sega tried something new it fell flat, every time Nintendo tried something new (with the exception of the Virtual Boy) it’s an innovation.  But back to the argument at hand.  Mario is by far the better game character.  Every time we’ve gotten a new generation of consoles Mario is at the forefront showing everyone the way.  With the NES in 1985 Super Mario Bros. was released and there was no game on the market as fun and that’s why it’s the best selling game of all-time.  Then with the SNES Super Mario World was colorful and bright and the best platformer of the 16 bit era, then we get to the 3D era with Super Mario 64 and Mario showed the world how you teach an old dog new tricks.  Super Mario 64 literally showed everyone how to make a 3D video game, but until that point anything Sony tried with the Playstaion or what Sega did with the Saturn was absolute garbage.  Once Mario showed you how to do it pandoras box was open, but somehow pretty much every copycat paled in comparison.  The only games that seemed to match Mario were Ocarina of Time and the Banjo Series from Rare.  Even today, Mario is showing us how great he is and was with Super Mario Maker.  What has Sonic done lately?

Nelson:  I’ll give you the fact that both Sony and Sega’s attempt to compete in the 3D platformer space was lest than stellar, but Super Mario 64 was not that fun. I never owned it personally but I did get many opportunities to play it. More often then not I found myself frustrated at the mechanics. Sonic Adventure I dare say was more polished than Mario 64, and more enjoyable. Mario’s problem was also one of the reason’s he’s so prolific these days, the diversity of his property. For several years, we had dozens of spinoffs for Mario but no proper sequel to Super Mario World until the New Super Mario Bros. Wii. By proper I mean with the original style of game play. That’s what people really want out of him. Though sonic has his fair share of spinoffs, Sonic stayed close to his roots more through out the 90s and 2000s than Mario

Josh:  Sonic Adventure more polished than Super Mario 64!?  Well if you’re not going to take this seriously…

No, no, no, I have an obligation to the reader.  I’m not even sure if should address that comment but I will.  Mario 64 not only was a more polished game, with better controls, level design, more fun overall, but most importantly a camera that didn’t get you killed all the time.  I don’t mind when I die in a game because I messed up, but damn, when I constantly die because of the damn camera i want to snap the disc in half.  I owned both games and I can easily say without a shadow of a doubt that Super Mario 64 is the far superior game.  But I’m glad you brought up Sonic Adventure because that game was the basis for our friend Matt Pat’s Game Theory about  how fast Sonic really was and you know what Matt’s conclusion was?  That Sonic was slower than Mario, so even the self proclaimed Sega Speedster isn’t as fast as the mascot that they said was slow. BTW I’ll have that video below so you can view and eat some crow.  Yes we did get a lot of Mario Spin-offs (which Sega and Sonic tried to copy and failed miserably) but Mario’s all were great.  Mario Party a blast, Mario Tennis, awesome, Mario Kart, no words, it’s perfection, Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular fighter/brawlers ever, and Mario DDR, no idea but look that up on ebay it sells for a crap ton so people want it.  What I’m trying to say is pretty much anything that Mario is in is great, the only spin-offs that aren’t that good happen to be the ones with Sonic in the title.
Nelson:  Super… Sayian… Sonic…
Josh:  Yes, when they’re not ripping off Nintendo, Sega is ripping off Dragon Ball Z.  But you know what, no one gives a rat’s ass about Super Sonic, because no one but Sonic owners really remember that power up.  You know what people do remember, the Tanoki Suit and Ears and Tail from Mario 3, not to mention the Frog Suit and show, the cape and feather from Super Mario World, Metal Mario from Super Mario 64, and Cat Mario from Super Mario Bros. Wii U, all of these are more fun and more memorable than Super Sonic.  We haven’t seen a good Sonic game since the Dreamcast, and haven’t seen a great Sonic game since the Genesis, but Mario puts out great games, seemingly yearly
So there, dear reader, is our argument as to which of these giants from the 80’s and 90’s Mascot is better.  We’ll let you all decide in the comments below.

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