Battle Grounds: Madden vs WWE 2K

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In honor of it being Madden Day today, we’re presenting you with a special Madden Edition of Battle Grounds.  Nelson and I will be arguing over which is the better yearly released franchise, Madden or WWE 2K.  In case you’re wondering if you should go out and pick up Madden today check out my review here.

Taking the side of the yearly men in tights game is our resident WWE 2K fanboy Nelson and I’ll be taking the side of the only choice for your NFL Football fix, Madden.  Nelson, you may begin, why is WWE 2K better?

madden vs wwe

Nelson: Well, the reason WWE’s yearly release is better is simple, with WWE you get to people through flaming tables. WWE give you the opportunity to create new stories or relive the greatest moments in wrestling history, which arguably are more exciting than trying to relive old football moments, which isn’t meant to be a nock on football, but it’s just the nature of the beast. Plus the WWE games ALWAYS try to improve upon the previous years engine. from what I can see from madden, there’s really only major update every 3rd release and the previous 2 years would be incremental or roster related. WWE updates the roster, intros new modes and features, and the Creation features are unparalleled”

Josh: I wouldn’t say that WWE 2K improves on the games each year.  2K14 was a step backwards for the franchise and then last year’s 2K15 was castrated on NextGen consoles even though those consoles were already two years old and were skipped the previous years for some reason.  WWE Games were at their best on the N64 when the weren’t released every year and they would have had a good excuse to, to update the roster.  Now with DLC WWE 2K could do that, just release new wrestlers as they come into the WWE and maybe charge a bit.  But know they release it every year.  Plus with the creative community of fans you can download the new wrestlers that others created that are sometimes better than what 2K Games comes up with.  Madden at least has to update for every season to update the teams roster and schedule since.  Plus the WWE Games are always like a year behind story-line anyways, they’d be better served just releasing DLC packs instead.

Nelson:  Says the man that buys Madden bi-yearly at best. Because the game at its core has not changed for the better part of 10 years. Sure they’ve splashed a fancy coat of paint on it like most yearly releases but even though there are missteps like 2k14 & 2k15, 2k is at least willing to do so in order to improve the game. WWE games have evolved from the days of smackdown. Sure I’ll give you that the 64 games were great, but so was blitz. See EA has gotten complacent since they’ve gotten EXCLUSIVE NFL rights, meaning that there was no competition to drive them. And sure 2k is the only studio that releases a proper wrestling game for the WWE but other studios do different Games with WWE characters and other non WWE Wrestling games are produced as competition

Josh:  First off I buy it bi-yearly because I don’t want to drop 60 bucks every year just to rebuild the Redskins because I unfortunately root for a shitty team.  Do you know how hard it is to take this team from the shit that they are and make them Champions on All-Madden difficulty?  It’s something I don’t want to do yearly.  And you want to talk exclusive rights, what other WWE games are there?  What other pro wrestling  games are out there?  There is no competition for 2K Games with WWE either.  What was the big innovation last year?  Crippled NextGen, and what is this year’s big seller?  The mother fucking Terminator!  To quote that dip shit the Miz, “Really, really, really?”  That’s their Ace in the hole, a character that hasn’t put out a good movie in almost 30 years.  At least Madden has added fight for the ball feature and the extremely fun Draft Champions.  You’re right I do buy Madden every other year and I bought it last year but after reviewing this years (click here) and playing Draft Champions I’m very tempted to us my 10% off with EA Access to download it to my Xbox One.

Well there you have dear reader, our arguments as to which is the better yearly franchise.  Is it EA’s Madden NFL Football or 2K Games WWE 2K?  Tell us below in the comments as to which one you prefer and join the battle.

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