Batman: Bad Blood Trailer plus The Dark Knight Returns 3

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So DC Comics and WB Animation dropped the trailer for the new Batman: Bad Blood trailer yesterday and where I could just throw in a YouTube video below that just shows the trailer of new film I went above and beyond for you dear reader and included the DC All Access video so you can see some interviews with the cast.  That and so I can openly complain how terrible DC All Access is.

It’s terrible, it’s just cheesy, and it’s worse than things like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood because they’re owned by the company they’re talking about so everything is extra fluff and extra cheese.  Oh god is it bad.

Also, their little kick-off with Frank Miller, a couple of things about that, how dare they call Miller the Dark Knight, yes he helped move Batman into the more darker territory but fuck you DC.  Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams are the ones who defined Batman, if you’re going to call anyone the The Dark Knight it should be one of them.  Listen I love the Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Year One is good, but all of Miller’s work on Batman since then (The Dark Knight Returns 2 and All-Star Batman and Robin) are complete and utter trash.  ASB&R tries too hard to be “edgy” and makes Batman look like a complete prick, and I don’t even know where to begin with DKR2, it’s simply one of the worst comics I’ve ever read.  Also, when did Frank Miller start looking like Freddy Kruger.

Circling back to Batman: Bad Blood, I don’t think it looks that good from the trailer.  It seems like they’re trying to do Battle for the Cowl but change it a bit to force in Batwoman and Batwing and like Batman: Year One when they change too much from the source comic they’re animated it usually doesn’t turn out well.  Anyways, since DC chose the Taylor Swift song as their new title the hilarious folks at How it Should Have Ended have put together a way better Bad Blood entitled Bat Blood.  Enjoy:

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