Avengers Infinity War Teaser Breakdown

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Watching the Infinity war teaser a couple of times I’ve cherry picked a few things out of it that could be clues as to what might be in store for us next year.

First and foremost we notice that Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt are on a green screen set with what appear to be steps behind them and might be some kind of asteroid, maybe the asteroid that Thanos turns into a throne and temple for Death.

infinty g

And while watching the three cast members two things are apparent, first off, Tom Holland is fucking British?!  Who knew?  So that was a shock, also why have we had two Britt Spidey’s and only one American one?  Secondly, if you weren’t distracted by Holland’s accent you might have noticed he was wearing gloves that he was trying to hide (or wasn’t).  Also Pratt is in costume, RDJ isn’t because I don’t know, but Holland is hiding gloves with dots and wearing a coat, I think he’s hiding something. What could he be hiding, a new costume maybe?  Maybe the Black costume?  I knew in the comics he gets it in Secret Wars but maybe they tie a little bit of that into Infinity Wars and maybe this is how he gets it.  Honestly the only other thing I can think of for his gloves is maybe he does the web gloves to punch and the CG that.

infinity war thanos

Here we see this image of Thanos without his armor on.  This could mean several things but might mind goes to the ending of the Infinity Gauntlet comic, which I won’t spoil here, but fans of the comic know where Thanos ends up and I have to wonder if this is how the movie ends as well.

Lastly we get a concept image of Thor and Rocket where Thor isn’t holding Mjölnir, he’s holding something else.  Some have theorized that it’s a new Mjölnir, like maybe one from the multi-verse (hinted at in Doctor Strange) to coincide with the comics where Odinson is unworthy of Mjölnir and has to seek out the Ultimate Universes’s Mjölnir.  This could happen in Ragnorok.  Also this could be Jarnbjorn which was Thor’s weapon before we was worthy of Mjölnir.  Of course we’ll have to wait for the movie to know if this makes it into the film and what it actual is.


So what do you think of all of this?  Let us know in the comments below.

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