Anime Review: DB Super ep 7 & Naruto ep 426 Infinite Filler (Contains Some Spoilers)

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Well it’s Friday, and another week in anime has passed, so let’s get into it, shall we?


This guy knows what I’m talkin bout

In spite of the deleted/extended scenes from “Battle of the Gods” being poorly disguised as “New” episodes, I have enjoyed it so far. This episode was a little slow for a Dragon Ball episode. We have reached the breaking point where everybody realizes Beerus is going to eff things up if they don’t step in. There were some cool moments but being a DBZ fan, obviously I knew things just weren’t going to pan out favorably for Piccolo, 18, and Tien because, well… it’s Piccolo, 18, and Tien aka “two Middle carders and a Jobber” doing their best impersonation of Kenshiro from “Fist of the North Star”.


I’m not a jobber!

I think the shining spot of the episode belongs to Gotenks. I always found this fusion character funny, and sure enough, I cracked a smile as soon as Trunks and Goten hit the Fusion Dance.

 Of course things panned out similar to how things went in the movie. One of the differences I did notice was their emphasis on the pimp slap to Bulma and Vegeta getting so pissed that he seeming went “Majin”. Overall, a decent episode. Given the pace that they’re taking now, I think we’ll be back to truly new episodes in maybe 2 weeks at the least.

2 “Beerus pimp slaps” out of 5

I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel about filler at this point. I don’t like it unless it’s done well or at least fits in with the story. Unfortunately, this week’s episode of Naruto is the precursor to more filler.

We pick up right at the end of last week’s episode, with Madara activating the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” and the world gets thrown into its never ending genjutsu. For those unfamiliar with Naruto and have decided to read till this point, A.) Good for you on trying something new and B.) Genjutsu is a type of technique used in this world to cast illusions on an adversary putting them in a dream like state. The episode was following pretty close to the manga up until we got to the “Long Lost/forgotten” Yamato. just as he was freed from Madara’s control, talks for a minute with the Resurrected Third Hokage then BAM! sucked up into the Infinite Tsukuyomi and into his dream sequence. And just like that, halfway through the episode, we dip into more filler episodes.

Now in the manga, they do dip into some of the secondary character’s dream world that the Infinite Tsukuyomi induces but not to the degree the second half of this episode goes into, and not to the depth that the preview for next week’s episode implies. So there we have it more filler hell. Hopefully they don’t waste more than two more episodes but lets face it, it’s probably gonna be like four episodes before we get back to the story. Sigh… I predict a lot of “1 out of 5″s in the future.

1 eff given out of 5

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