5 Comic Characters We’d Like to See Get their Own Movie/Show

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Now that we finally have a proper Deadpool movie is finally being released this Friday we were thinking of the comic characters who haven’t gotten a movie (or show) yet that we would like to see on the big screen, so in the words of the Joker, “here we go…”

Alfred:  Sure we’ve seen Alfred in several different forms on the big and small screen, but we’ve never seen the Alfred before he came to work for the Waynes.  Now depending on which continuity you want to go with, before becoming a butler for the Waynes Alfred either fought in World War II for the Allies or was an MI-6 Agent, i.e., he was a badass and I’d like to see this on the silver screen or at the very least a direct to DVD DC Animated film.  To play this younger Alfred I’d like to see Jude Law.  I kind of equate this Alfred to Watson from Sherlock Holmes and damn was Law a great Watson so he’d be perfect for this.

Lobo:  There was talk about a Rock led Lobo movie which isn’t happening because of Shazam! but I still would like to see a Lobo movie, and a proper pre-New 52 Lobo, not this other one.  I want it to be on the level as Deadpool, violent, foul-mouthed, with a bit a sexy time.  Lobo, a lot like Deadpool, is just a fun comic that lets you turn your brain off and watch and have a good time.  This guy has done it all in the DCU and pretty much has fought everyone and I’d like to see a big screen version soon.  The Rock would have been great for this role since he has the size, charisma, and comedic timing to play the role.  Unfortunately he’s doing another DC project (which doesn’t disqualify him but if they’re trying to do a Marvel thing I doubt they’re going to reuse actors) and it’s really hard for me to pick someone to play this character so I’m going to give you my top two choices.  From Hollywood Michael Jai White.  Like the Rock he’s got the size, charisma, and comedic timing.  Lobo isn’t human and isn’t Caucasian so you don’t need a “white guy” to play him, though his skin color is white, and I’m not talking people white, but white white, so they could give him body paint like Batista from Guardians (Batista would have been good too but he’s Marvel) or just leave his skin alone, as long as he has the dreads and fu-man-choo I’m good.  Second pick, is not from Hollywood, it’s from the Rock’s old world the WWE and that is former WWE Superstar, current UFC roster member CM Punk (aka Phil Brooks).  Punk doesn’t have the size but he’s kind of a real world Lobo, he’s surely, always looking for a fight, and funny in a smart-ass way.  He could do the role justice we’d just have to ignore his lack of size, though to be fair Punk is bigger than the average guy, just not larger than life big.

Guy Gardner:  The surely, bad haircut, dick of the Green Lantern Corps is one of my favorite Corps members.  He’s a dick and always being a dick even when he’s being heroic, so much so Batman broke his nose.  Again, like Lobo, he’d be a different hero for DC’s Cinematic Universe that they can either unite with the others or not.  He’s just an unusual hero and different enough to make him stand out.  To play him I’d get either Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn.

Damage Control:  To those of you who don’t know Damage Control was a Marvel Comic in the 70’s about a group of guys who cleaned up after the Super Heroes.  They were created in response to a letter Marvel received about how New York City can be destroyed in one comic and then be fine in another.  The answer was the comedic Damage Control.  I think this property would best used as Marvel Shorts (they need to bring those back) on the blurays of each movie to show them fixing whatever city the heroes destroyed, or as a Netflix or ABC show.  You just need an ensemble cast of funny people and have the first few episodes take place right after the various Marvel movies that have already come out and then other episodes can just cover the obvious adventures in between movies and probably throw in some comic book Easter Eggs.  This would be a fun show for everyone.  I would cast this similar to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and have a well-know actor in the lead role, maybe someone like Neil Patrick Harris, and then cast some up and comers in the other roles, there is this young comedian by the name of Tyler Richardson who’d be great in it.


Nightwing:  We’ve seen Robin on film and with the upcoming Batman v Superman it is heavily implied that Jason Todd has been killed by the Joker, so if there is a Jason Todd there must be a Nightwing right?  Anyways, Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing is my favorite DC character not named Batman and I’d love to see him get a proper movie.  For those not in the know Dick was apart of the flying Graysons and his family was killed in a circus accident that was later revealed to be a planned accident.  He could have gone all dark like Bruce but he kept his humanity and this makes Nightwing a little better as a character than Batman because he can emphasize with people.

BONUS Not Comic Character:  I want Mighty Max back.  That was a fantastic cartoon and toy set, it would be great to have it back on the air, or a kick ass movie.  Or at the very least can I get the original series on DVD or Blu-Ray?

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