The Walking Dead Season Finale Review

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Before I left for WrestleMania last week I wrote about the problems plaguing The Walking Dead and even though the show is still enjoyable it’s lost its way and lacks focus.

Well last night I got a chance to watch the Season 6 finale to The Walking Dead and I have to say I was rather disappointed in it.  First off I knew how the episode was going to end, a show like TWD it’s hard to avoid spoilers for two days, but in a sense there weren’t any spoilers because for the most part nothing happened.

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A quick recap of the episode is the group who wasn’t captured last week headed out to the Hilltop so Maggie could see the doctor up there.  They drove around, ran into some Saviors and instead of taking these guys out they chose to turn around, then they ran into some more, turned around, and more, and wash rinse repeat, until they decided to go on foot and were captured.  Then we finally get to meet Negan and he monologues for a bit before taking his bat to the camera  one of the group members.  That’s your 90 minute episode, a bunch of filler that leads to next season’s big bad and a cliffhanger.

The episode was just okay and the only thing memorable about it was the cliffhanger and that was a cheap ploy.  Two things really bugged me about this finale.  First up is that the entirely of the group was captured because they all did dumb things that were completely out of character.  The ever cautious tracker/hunter in Daryl lets some nobody get the jump on him, not once, not twice, but three times in this season, seriously Daryl?  Also, the now sociopath Rick doesn’t take out the first group of Saviors who threaten him.

How does Rick go from leading an all out assault on one of the Savior’s base and killing them in their sleep (not to mention point blank shooting his hostage) to walking away from these guys threatening him and his group.

Also, what in the hell is going on with Carol?  She seems very uncharacteristic in this second half of the season, instead of the badass she’s become, she’s now whimpering and reluctant to kill even it means saving friends.  However, fellow YouTuber Jeremy Jahns has an interesting theory on that (click here).   I don’t know if he’s correct or not only because I don’t know if the show runners are that smart when it comes to characters currently, but we’ll have to see.

And lastly the cliff hanger, Negan monologuing about how he’s going to kill someone in the group and which one is it going to be.  To choose he uses “enie meanie minie moe” to choose and then he points at the camera and beats it down and that’s where it ends.  We don’t know who dies, though some of us have a really good guess because the comic has past this part, so who really knows.

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Here is my problem with that scene.  Negan emphasizes Rick being the leader and Rick’s actions are what lead to this moment of them being on their knees and someone’s inevitable death.  I felt Negan should have made Rick choose who will die or Negan will kill Carl.  And of course Rick would choose himself  and Negan would say “no” and take out someone else, probably Glenn because of his outburst when Negan jokingly said he was going to put Maggie out of her misery.  Also, us not knowing who Negan chose bugs me, it feels like a cheap cliffhanger, especially when the entire second half of season 6 was billed to be about Negan (who is only here for 10 minutes, maybe).  I feel we should have seen who he chose and seen the first hit and then would could guess whether or not so and so would end up dead or just beaten badly and the group would have to race back to Alexandria or to the Hilltop to save him or her.

I think the main reason why they didn’t show us who got hit was because the writers don’t know who was killed.  Sure we can say it’s the same person from the comics but I don’t think it is (or at least it isn’t yet).  I think the writers and show runners are trying to figure out which death would have the most and least impact, as well as (in real world terms) which cast members they wouldn’t mind letting go.

Overall the second half of the season has been good and this episode was just fine.  I feel we didn’t need 80 minutes of driving and 10 minutes of Negan.  When season 7 rolls around they better get straight to the action and no flashbacks or shit like that.

What did you think of the finale dear reader?  Let us know in the comments below.


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