The Walking Dead Comic and Show to Have Different Endings

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On AMC’s Geeking Out with Kevin Smith, Robert Kirkman chatted with the director about the endings to the comic and the show.  Kirkman had this to say:

“If the show were to ever end, ever, at any point and the comic was still going, I would have to sit down with Scott and pretend I have no idea how to end it, and then work with him to try and come up with a new ending,”

Honestly I’m not sure what to think of a move like this, granted there are many differences between the show and the comic but at the same time having different endings could short change the TV audience (which I might interject, is the more profitable audience).  Kirkman has been critical of George R.R. Martin for telling the Game of Thrones show runners the ending of the books and he feels that this will ruin it for book readers.


Here is the thing though, we know when the Game of Thrones final season will air, we still don’t even know when the next to last book will come out so getting an ending in the books (and one written by Martin, god forbids if he passes before the last book is written) is still a few years away.  Also Game of Thrones is based off a series with a beginning, middle, and end; where as TWD is based off a comic which is a medium that really doesn’t have an end.  Kirkman might have an ending in mind for the comics but who knows when that will be, so comparing the two is a moot point.

Also, there is a central theme to Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) where the books and show have differences the main plot point is the same and it would only be fitting if they came to the same conclusion.  Having two different ending would cheapen one of the mediums.  Where as Kirkman has said that the show is his way of making up for things he wish he could take back in the comics (ala Shane living longer) so TWD show is more or less an alternate universe, where as Game of Thrones is an adaption.

So in the end comparing TWD to GoT is like apple and oranges.  GoT is a good show with a plot and a point, TWD is fine, it’s just fine, it’s not GoT but it’s fine.

So what do you think loyal reader?  Do you think these adaptions should have the same endings as their source material or different?  Let us know in the comments below.

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