The Walking Dead Is Back!

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After the mid-season finale kind of ended with and unsatisfying cliff hanger after a really intense episode there were many questions for when it returned.  We last left our heroes in various different locations and peril.   Rick and the majority of the Alexandria cast were covered in zombie goo to try and sneak by zombies; Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha being held up by Negan’s men; Maggie alone in the watch tower; Carol and Morgan dealing with the Wolf escapee and Glen and Enid trying to get back into Alexandria to help the others.

Well, unlike the boring “thud” the midseason finale ended on, once this episode gets going it’s amazing and never stops.  By the way, spoilers below, this is your only warning.

When the episode opened we picked up with Negan’s men holding up Daryl, Abe, and Sasha.  Many of you probably forgot about the rocket launcher, I didn’t.  As soon as Daryl went to the back of the truck I knew Negan’s men were done for.  And damn was that spectacular.

For Rick and the others their zombie goo plan seemed to be working.  Gabriel suggested to Rick that he take Judith to his church where she would be safe and Rick agreed, Jessie told her youngest son Sam to go with him and in spite that boy being a coward he said no and well, that little fucker got his whole family killed.  Only moments later his fear takes hold, he freezes and cries.  Then gets eaten, which gets him mom eaten, which almost gets Carl eaten, but he drops his gun and emo bitch Ron picks it up to try and kill Rick.  Luckily Machone wasn’t having any of that shit and guts him, unfortunately he got a shot off and Carl lost an eye.

Unfortunately for the Wolf guy, just when he gets a change of heart and maybe might not be an asshole, he gets bitten and then popped by Carol.

Glenn goes to save Maggie and it looks like he is about to become walker chow and that’s when Daryl and the crew come back with M-16s and light them up, then they proceed to make a walker bbq when they fucking blow up a lake with that rocket launcher.

All of that is just me paraphrasing too.  This episode had it all and what a fucking way for the show to come back.  Granted Carl taking a bullet felt like season two but other than that this was pretty cool.  My only hope is that they save Alexandria and stay there only because it seems like every season they find a home it’s good for a bit then it’s overrun and they leave.  I’d like to see that formula changed a bit.

So what did you think of last night’s episode?  Did you like it or love it?  Let us know in the comments below.

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