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I think we might try something new here at Clash of the Nerds and that’s when one of our favorite shows has a big moment then the next day we’ll take time out to discus what occurred in the episode the night before.  Two shows that pop to mind right now are The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  Nelson might do this with Agents of Shield, but I checked out of that show half way through last season.

So anyways, these posts will obviously be spoiler heavy so if you haven’t watched the episode, in this case last night’s The Walking Dead then don’t read any more after the photo.

So last night we might have witnessed the death of fan favorite Glenn in The Walking Dead.  In the most climactic scene in a very climactic episode we find Glenn and Nick trapped on all sides by walkers as their only safety was standing on top of a dumpster.  With his guilt weighing on him and not wanting to be torn to shreds Nick opted for the easy way out and shot himself.

His blood splattered on Glenn’s face and then Nick’s body fell on top of Glenn with them both hitting the street in the middle of the Walker horde.  Of course the internet freaked out an lamented Glenn’s apparent death.

I say “apparent” because we don’t see Glenn die.  We see guts and blood on his face, but those guts look to be intestines which wouldn’t be on Glenn’s face.  Also it doesn’t look like Glenn is screaming, he appears to be crying, maybe for Nick’s death or his hopeless situation.  Either way, if you were being ripped to shreds by zombies no matter how sad you were you’d be screaming in pain.  So I don’t believe we witnessed Glenn’s death in that episode.  That isn’t to say in two weeks when we’re done with our hour and a half Morgan episode (that I think will be mostly flashbacks) that Glenn won’t end up dying, but he ain’t dead yet.

Other evidence that is outside this episode, is the obvious comic book.  Granted the show has strayed a bit from the comic but I don’t think they’d throw this in the show since it never happened in the comics.  Of course that isn’t to say that they made changes but with Glenn’s popularity and his key role in the group I don’t think he’d die alone like this.  I think if he dies in the show it will be with at least one surviving member from the group to witness it.

Also the way the show runner Scott Gimble addressed Glenn’s apparent death.

“In some way we will see Glenn — some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn — again. Either in flashback or the current story to help complete the story.”

They’ve never addressed a characters’ “death” like this before.  They usually just say “we’ll miss working with so and so, they’re a great actor, blah blah blah”, also the dead actor is usually a guest on Talking Dead, which Glenn (who’s been on the show before) was not.  This is the first time this show has tried so hard to convince us a character was dead.  When Sophia was missing for half a season they never said “she’s dead” they hinted at her being dead but maybe alive, so I don’t think they’d try so hard to convince us he was dead if he really wasn’t.

Lastly there has been set photos from the second half of this season showing Glenn, but I never put stock in set photos only because without context we have no idea what’s going on.  An actor could very well be visiting friends on the set.

So that’s why I think Glenn is still alive.  I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.  I think he’ll have all of Nick’s guts all over him along with the rest of the body and the walkers won’t notice him and he’ll escape.

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