The Walking Dead Are on Borrowed Time

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If you think too much about zombies, and sadly I do, I actually seem to have a zombie survival dream once a month (I wonder if that means anything), then you think about all things zombies, not just if  you would survive or what weapon would be best (hat tip, blades don’t need reloading).

I’ve always thought that a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t last long, sure there would be outbreaks and casualties, but it wouldn’t last too long.  Mostly because once the army figured out what the fuck was going on then with all of their might they’d topple them.  Shit, they wouldn’t even need to use too many bullets, they could just run a lot of them over with tanks.  But either way, our armed forces are proficient with fighting other armies with guns, a few shambling walkers wouldn’t pose much of a threat.

Shoot, probably the most realistic zombie movie (if there is such a thing) is Shaun of the Dead.  The zombie outbreak there lasts a mere 24 hours basically, and that’s a country who’s police force don’t carry guns.  Like I said, once everyone figured out what was going on, and again that wouldn’t take as long as it does in the movies, we’d be pretty good.  Just hunker down in your house until the “all-clear” is given.  I will say though, the Walking Dead’s tag line “Fear the Living” is probably more accurate for a real world zombie outbreak as looters, thieves, and killers would use this as an excuse to go wild.  Shit, in the confusion it would probably be hard to conclusively prove that the person who was murdered wasn’t a zombie.

Anyways, besides that, nature would also have a thing to say about zombies.  Not only would the elements cause havoc for wandering corpses, how cool would it be to see zombies walking through a tornado or hurricane, but also animals.  Bears, bobcats, wolves, coyotes, and even feral dogs would pose a huge threat to zombies.

There is one last thing the would cull the zombies, time.  Zombies are just reanimated corpses with no heart function.  With no heart function they would eventually decompose, which doesn’t take that long.  Now, I’m not a big forensic science type guy so I’m going to let MattPat from Film Theory (go like and subscribe, you won’t be sorry) handle this one in the video below.  Let us know what you think in the comment section, and are you as excited for the Walking Dead on Sunday as we are?

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