McDonald’s and Rick and Morty Fans Drop the Ball on Saturday

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Let me get this out of the way first, I’m a Rick and Morty fan. The show is fucking hilarious and intelligently written, however, some fans of the show are absolutely the worst people in the multiverse.

For those of you who don’t know, this past Saturday. heart disease peddler McDonald’s took it upon themselves to try and cash in on Rick and Morty fans by bringing back the Mulan Szechuan Sauce Sauce which made a cameo in the season 3 premiere of the show this past April.  Rick proclaims that his entire character arch is so that he can get that sauce again.

Needless to say because a cartoon said the sauce was so great naturally a bunch of adults had to agree and demanded the fast food chain bring it back.  McDonald’s heard the cries of millions of man children out there and brought back the sauce!  Well, kind of.  They brought it back for one day only with a limited release at only a few locations…

Really?  Really McDonald’s, a sauce that is mostly ketchup, soy sauce, and high fructose corn syrup you can only bring back for one day and at limited stores to satisfy a psychotic fan base?  Yeah, no way this could back fire at all.  Oh wait, it totally did.

So a personal take on this “event” I was near one of the locations that was suppose to have the sauce so at 2pm on Saturday I decided to swing by the location.  When I got there the line wasn’t too bad, not much more than a typical Saturday lunch rush at a mall location (yeah, my local one was at a mall) so I decided to hop in line.  A nice young lady working for that McDonald’s was going through the line asking people if they were there for food or collectibles.  Some teens in front of me said they were there for the sauce and the girl told them that they didn’t get any.

After she was done talking to them she got to me and asked the same question.  I said that I too was there for the sauce and asked her why they didn’t get any.  She didn’t know and apologized since they were one of the stores on the list to get some.  I shrugged and gave up my place in line and went about my day.  I wasn’t mad just irritated at McDonald’s.  My irritation stemmed from the fact that just an hour before I double checked the website to be sure that the location was getting some and it was still listed.  If they didn’t get any sauce then why didn’t McDonald’s remove that store from the site?

I can say at the location I was at there were disappointed people but no incidents, the most I saw was people checking their phones to see what other locations they could go to.  So that was nice, however, this was not the case at other locations.  Fans making scenes, chanting “we want sauce” and at one location in San Jose the cops had to be called because things got out of hand.  Mind you, the cops were call because McDonald’s didn’t have enough sauce that people don’t even know if it was good or not, or even tastes like the sauce that came out in 1999.  All because a cartoon sociopath said he loved the sauce.

The fan base has already been accused of being toxic by the creators of all people for its reaction to female writers and of course now they’re bitching about sauce.  Seriously folks, chill out.

With that said, McDonald’s you’re not innocent in this either.  You knew the demand for this sauce since the premier back in April and your purposefully under produced it to get the buzz going and get people to flock to your restaurants in hopes that they would buy your “new” chicken tenders since they were already there.  My hope is that people were like me that when they got there and couldn’t get the sauce they just left.  No to mention McD only gave out twenty or so packets for the few locations that got the sauces to begin with.  What the hell McDonald’s?  At the very least supply those locations with plenty of sauce.  Shit, people go nuts when you try and hand out one Sweet and Sour packet for a 20 piece, what the fuck did you expect from these psychotic fans?

So with all the backlash McDonald’s realized the messed up and tweeted out that they were bringing the Sauce back this winter and not in limited amounts or at limited locations.  Will this be enough to satisfy these fans and get them to lift their boycotts?  Probably.  Most of the mouth breathers calling for a boycott would probably be back at McDonald’s within a week anyways.

So what have we learned here?  One, Rick and Morty fans (at least some of them) our fucking out of their minds, and two, McDonald’s is a terrible restaurant that doesn’t know how to read the room, no wonder their market share continues to plummet.

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