In Defense of Rickon Not Zig Zagging

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There has been a lot of talk about Rickon Stark not zig zagging when Ramsey Bolton let him go before the Battle of the Bastards.  Rickon fearfully sprinted towards his “brother” Jon as Ramsey Bolton took aim with a bow and arrow to shoot down his only competition to Winterfell.

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Everyone knows that if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where someone is shooting at you that you need to serpentine.  But here is the problem with that line of thinking, fear.  When we’re in a situation where our life is threaten our brains go into a state of fight or flight where we either confront what is threatening us, or we do whatever we can to get away from it.  When our brains go into this mode all other thinking goes offline temporarily.  If we “figth” we don’t fight with any sort of strategy like boxer might, we simply fight to survive, or if we go into “flight” mode we simply just do what ever we can to create distance and in our most basic sense zig zagging doesn’t pop into our heads at all.  Also, Ramsey isn’t shooting a high powered sniper rifle that will relatively shoot in a pretty straight line, where an arrow at long distance is at the mercy of the wind, not to mention how well the arrow is crafted, and Ramsey is shooting wooden arrows that all won’t be the same so his corrections from what shot to another won’t be as accurate as he’d like.

Rickon’s best chance at survival would be to put as much distance between he and Ramsey as possible to get out of range.  Had he zigged and zagged chances are because he’s in “flight” mode he would have quickly fallen into a pattern that Ramsey could anticipate and still mow him down and at closer range.

So in conclusion, Rickon running in a straight line was his best and only chance at survival and, at the range to which Ramsey got him was an Olympic like shot that was lucky as hell to boot.

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