Game of Thrones Winds of Winter: What Just Happened

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Lately season finales of massively popular shows have been a bit of a let down (I’m looking at you The Walking Dead) with huge promises that they barely deliver on and the use of needless cliffhangers just to sucker us back for the next season after your season ended so dreadfully (again looking at you The Walking Dead), however, Game of Thrones isn’t some second rate minor leaguer here, no, this show is a Pro, a five time MVP Pro, and they know what the fuck they’re doing.

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Last week’s episode (The Battle of the Bastards) was epic and if that were the finale I think 99% of us would have been happy with the season ending there, but show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are like some sort of super Santa and like the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie is done with opening his gifts and his dad says “I think I see another gift over there.”

That’s right last night’s episode was just one more gift from Weiss and Benioff to us fans.  We start off in King’s Landing and we get Lancel Tyrell’s trial.  Instead of facing a trial he pleaded guilty and admitted to sleeping with Renley Barathion as well as other men.  He renounced his Tyrell name and any rights to his family’s wealth and name.

After Lancel’s trial Cersei’s was supposed to begin but she was no where to be found.  We cut to the King’s room as he is getting set to leave for the trial as he opens the door the Mountain is there and doesn’t let him leave.  We cut back to the trial and Margaery is suspicious of Cersei’s absence.  She makes it known to the High Sparrow who basically ignores her and sends a few sparrows to go get her.  Margaey want’s to evacuate the Sept but the High Sparrow won’t allow it and his Sparrows won’t let anyone leave.

Lancel, one of the Sparrows sent to go get Cersei sees a child run off from the Sept to the underground of King’s Landing.  The child disappears in the catacombs and Lancel looks around until the child comes out of no where and stabs him in the spine.  The child runs off leaving Lancel down there to notice 3 candles burning in a pool of wildfire and that all of the barrels around him are filled with wildfire and to Lancel’s credit that newly crippled bastard dragged his ass to those candles to at the very least save himself but save the Sept as well.

wild fire

Shocker, Legs wasn’t fast enough and the Sept (along with a good amount of the center of King’s Landing goes BOOM!  As Cersei watches from the Red Keep.  Then we see Cersei in a dark room with the nun that had tormented her much of last season strapped to a board where Cersei dumps wine on her.  The Mountain comes in and removes his helmet and we get a brief look at his Jason Vorhees like face.  Cersei leaves the Mount with the Nun and we are left by a blood curdling scream from the Nun.

One of the King’s Guard tries to comfort Tommen about the loss of his wife which doesn’t work because we then see Tommen just walk out his window.   I didn’t see that shit coming.  I was like “DAMN!”  Because what I thought was coming next was that without Margaey there that Cersei would continue to manipulate her son and turn him into a more controllable Joffery.


Briefly we were in the Twin to see Jamie and Bron dining with the Freys in a celebration of them retaking River Run from the Black Fish.  Jamie expresses his disgust with Walder Frey and his constant bragging though he’s done nothing to earn the right to.  Soon after Jamie and the Lannister army leaves we see Walder in his dining hall alone waiting for his sons.  A serving girl brings him a meat pie and Walder asks “Where are my sons?”  To which the girl replies “They are with us” and she pulls the top of the meat pie off revealing a finger.  The girl removes her mask to reveal it being Arya and she tells Walder exactly who she is and that the last thing he’ll see is a Stark.  She slits his throat and gleefully watches him die.  My only knock on this scene was that she didn’t let Frey take a bite first before revealing that the pie was filled with his sons.  Also, damn, for Arya to do all that she’s become a better assassin than we have realized.  You go girl.

Up North Sansa and Jon are looking over Winterfell and Jon says he’s having the Master’s quarters made up for Sansa and she declines saying the Jon should live there since he is now the Warden of the North.  Then we are treated to Jon and Melisandra meeting in the Great Hall when Davos walks in with the Stag carving he had given Stanis’s daughter Sharee.  Davos accuses Melisandra of murder and Jon asks is it true.  Melisandra does her best to explain herself as to why she did it and that it wasn’t just her but also Stanis and his wife who allowed it.  Davos wants her put to death, Jon, who has seen enough of and put enough people to death just tells Melisandra to ride south and if she’s ever caught in the North again she will be hanged for murder.  She doesn’t argue, she doesn’t swear revenge, she just leaves seemingly to regret what she’s done.

Before Davos found the Stag I was hoping that he’d never learn what Melisandra had done.  She has seemingly been a good alley to Jon and in the battle coming against the dead she would seemingly serve a greater role.  Not to mention her character being so complex that she can do a dastardly thing but then seemingly redeem herself, to fall yet again.  Much like Jamie Lannister the are many layers to her, some good, some wicked and her and Jamie are both characters who do what they have to to live.  But that’s the world of Game of Thrones, no one has gotten this far in the story by being 100% good, even Jon and Daeny (who were innocent as can be when the show first started) have done things that they’re not proud of to survive.  Even young Arya is now a ruthless assassin.

Still in the North, Jon is meeting with all the Lords of the North and trying to rally them to prepare for the battle with the Whites.  They are unsure until Lady Mormont speaks up and basically says that even though he’s a bastard that Jon has Ned Stark’s blood in his veins and is the true King of the North, to which all the lords cry KING OF THE NORTH!  Even Davos emphatically joins in the chant, finding a king he can once again believe in.

We go North of the Wall and Benjin leaves Bran telling him that magic is in the wall and that the dead may not cross.  Bran then touches the tree and goes back to the vision of his Father getting ready to enter the Tower of Joy to where we find him with Lyanna and her dying because of child birth.  She whispers to Ned saying that “If he ever finds out about him he’ll kill him”  the first him being Robert Barathian, and the second him being Jon.  Lyanna then says “Promise me” and Ned is handed baby Jon and we finally get confirmation that Jon is indeed the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and true heir to the Iron Throne.


Across the Narrows, Daney’s ships are ready and so is her Army.  She presents Tyrion with a Hand of the Queen badge and they set sail.  The season closes with her sailing on her ships and the Dragons leading the way.  Shit is about to go down in Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

So we’ve got a season and a half to go of the series with a full season 7 and a shorten season 8 and so we’ve got some predictions for you.

First off, how will the show end?  Well there are several theories out there from Jon sitting upon the Throne to Daeny, to the Whites killing everyone.  The book series is called “A Song of Ice and Fire” which many people have taken to meaning that Jon being a child of a Star and Targaryen being that song.  Or that it would be Dragons vs Whites.  I think that in the end Westeros will be divided into the North and South.  Daeny ruling from King’s Landing and Jon ruling from the North after both of them defeat the Whites, also I think at most we only have one dragon left when the series is over.  However giving the series tone it won’t be a “happy” ending with even though the Whites are defeated that many of our favorite characters will fall.

Cersei and Jamie.  I think Cersei will do even more to keep power and become even more “mad” to the point where Jamie like he did with the Mad King, will have to kill the Mad Queen.  Of course because he loves Cersei more than anything after he kills her to save the Kingdom he’ll turn his blade on himself.

Arya will probably make her way up North and home and while most of season 7 will be The Lannisters vs Daeny and her army we’ll see the North prepare and start their battle with the Whites.  The battle will probably take place towards the end of the season with will spill over into 8.

So what were your thoughts on the Season Finale dear reader, also what theories do you have for the remainder of the show.  Let us know in the comments below.

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