Game of Thrones: What Just Happened Ep. 3 Oath Breaker

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Last week’s episode closed with Jon Snow waking up from death and this is where we pick up this week.  Jon is gasping for air and freaking out because he’s alive again as the Onion Knight Davos and Meisandre watch.   Melisandre asks Jon what he remembers, Jon replies being stabbed, she asks after that, and he says “nothing”.   Which begs the question of whether or not religion is right in this universe, is there an afterlife?  There are dragons, magic, and zombies, and now we’ve seen two different followers of the Lord of Light bring people back.

Jon’s comments of seeing nothing seems to have an effect on both Davos and Melisandre.  Davos has a look of concern on his face when Jon mentions nothingness.  Now this is a man who has not appeared to be religious throughout the series and it seems to possible confirmation of nothingness when you die seemed to freak him out.  Melisandre, however, brushes off Jon’s comment with “If the Lord of Light wanted you to return there must bee a reason.”  I’m not sure here, but I think she’s simply saying this to cover her lack of faith, she doesn’t seem to mean what she’s saying, but we’ll have to see later on.


Sticking with Jon, he executes those who stabbed him, including young Ollie.  After which he hands his cloak over to his friend Eddison telling him to either wear or burn because his watch has ended.  Now, this episode is titled Oath Breaker, which I have to assume is referring to Jon, but he did die, and therefore I do believe that technically his watch has ended and he’s breaking no oaths.

My theory here is that Jon is going to lead the Wildlings and take back the North, and I think he’ll establish his “half-brother” Rickon as the Lord of Winterfell again and the Warden of the North, from there I assume he’ll avenge Ned and Rob’s death.  Either way, we need some good luck for our heroes, it’s been a while.

Speaking of Rickon, we get to see him again as he is turned over to Ramsey by Lord Umber along with the head of Shaggy Dog and Osha.  I fear for Rickon’s fate at the hands of Ramsey, but I don’t think Ramsey is going to have the sort of fun he expects to have with Osha.  Hopefully Jon gets to Winterfell before anything happens to Rickon.

Sticking with the Starks, Arya, continues her brutal training with Jaqen H’ghar and she learns how to use the staff and make her way around as a blind girl until she finally accepts that now she is a “girl with no name” she gets her vision back.  Honestly, I don’t know where she goes from here, whether or now she’ll return to Westeros and seek revenge.

We don’t get any Sansa this episode but we do see another vision from Bran, this one of his father after the war going to the Tower of Joy where Lyanna was kept.   After a fight where Bran had been told by his father that he won, finds out his father needed help from a Bannerman.  As Ned begins to walk up the tower Bran says “father” and Ned turns to see nothing.  Back in the present Bran says his father heard him, and the Three-Eyed Raven responds that the past is written and the ink is dry.  Bran wants to continue with the Visions but is not allowed.

Back in King’s Lnding King Tomin finally seems to have grown a set of balls and marched up to the Sept to demand his mother be allowed to see his sister’s body.  However, the High Sparrow tells Tomin a few fair tales about mothers and such and it seems that maybe the Sparrow is convincing Tomin to follow his, for lack of a better term, cult.  We also get a meeting of the High Council that gets interrupted by Cersi and Jami who do not have an expressed right to be there and tried to butt their way in, which caused the council to end their meeting.  There are some power plays once again going on in King’s Landing.

Lastly we travel across the Narrows to see Varys sparrows in Merine have brought him someone who help him find out who are funding the Masters in secret war against Daenerys.  We get an awkward (but funny scene) between Tyrion, the head Unsullied, and Missandei.  And of course we get back with Daeny and she joining the other widows of great Kahls and we learn that being with these widows is possibly the best outcome for her since she went off into the world after Drogo’s death instead of coming back to Dothraki.

As far as predictions go, like I said above, I predict Jon and the Wildlings are going to march south and do two things, Jon will seek revenge and justice for his family and reunite the North, not against the South (just yet at least) but against the White Walkers.

Arya will continue her training and as far as anything else, obviously she’s being trained as an assassin but for her own gains for for the order’s gains.  I think maybe both.

Daeny is going to get saved by her dragons eventually, but probably after some sort of torture.

I don’t think Ramsey is dumb enough to kill Rickon, but Ramsey is a crazy fuck, so who knows, but I think he’ll try and have his way with Osha, which might spell the end for Ramsey, every fans’ new love to hate character since Joffery died, but we’ll have to see.  Also in the “next week” teaser we see Little Finger mentioning Sans to her cousin so maybe he’s plotting something there.

I think we’ll continue to see images of the past with Bran, including Jon’s real parentage, which many of us fans believe to by Lyanna and Rhaegor.

And in King’s Landing I think Tomin might get brainwashed by the High Sparrow and might turn on his mother.  Cersi and Jami are back together with the Mountain and I think all the good will Jami has built with fans will topple over now with his rage at the death of his daughter.

So what did you think about this episode dear reader and what are your predictions?  Let us know in the comments below.

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