Game of Thrones The Door: What Just Happened?

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Wow, just wow, I’m not sure I’ve felt a gut punch like that since the Red Wedding, and even then this one might hurt just a bit more but in a different way, but we’ll get to that in a minute, we’ve got lesser things to cover first.  What?  You didn’t expect me to blow my load in the first minute did you?  This isn’t my first romp, if it’s your’s I promise I’ll be gentle.

This episode seemed to be one of the more focused episodes of the show, we didn’t jump around too much and with the exception of Bran and Hodor’s part of the tail we pretty much stuck with the others until their arc for the episode was complete.

For instance, we got a quick aside with Jorah and Daenerys, where Danny forgives Jorah and forbids him to exile himself due to his greyscale, in fact she commands him to find a cure, and Jorah finally admits to her that he loves her.  This was a nice piggy back off of the Stark reunion from last week.  Jorah redeemed himself in Danny’s eyes and if he does succumb to greyscale it’s a nice bit of character redemption for one of the few honorable characters still alive in the series.

Staying across the Narrow Sea Varys and Tyrion meet with a red priestess who recounts the night Varys lost his manhood and he is clearly haunted by it.

Over on the Iron Island we have a new king and it’s not Theon or Yara, it’s their uncle, who admitted to killing their  father, but the people elected him because he promised to marry Daenerys and bring Westeros to its knees.  Some bold ass promises just to get elected, sounds a lot like our primaries right now in the States.  Theon and Yara escape with a crew and some of the Iron Island’s best ships.  I’m not sure what their plan is but my hopes are Theon continues his redemption and joins Jon to take back Winterfell.

Arya seems to have regained Jaqen’s trust back as he has given the girl a new target and this is her last chance.  It is an actress who is to be killed and Arya inquires as to why to which Jaqen replies he doesn’t care, they’ve been paid.  Arya suspects the person who hired them is a younger actress who wants the older one out of her way which seems to cause a moral dilemma for Arya but she appears to shrug it off.  My fear for Arya is that she might continue down this dark path and when all is said and done will no longer be a Stark.

Other than Jon and Davos planning their assault on Winterfell, not much is going on at the Wall.  Sansa secretly meets with Little Finger and it’s a pretty intense scene as she recounts what Ramsey did to her on their wedding night.  Little Finger seems remorseful (some what) and offers a tip, that Sansa’s uncle The Black Fish has gathered and army, a tidbit she shares with Jon, but doesn’t say the information came from Little Finger.  I’m worried that this is a lie and that Briene (whom Sansa sends) is riding into a trap.

Now dear reader, now we get to the meat and potatoes of this week’s episode.  We travel north of the Wall to the lair of the Three Eyed Raven.  We first learn through one of Bran’s visions that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers in a defense against man, after that Bran has another vision and this one is of the White Walkers and the Night’s King.  The King sees him and grabs him causing Bran to wake up screaming.  Because he’s been marked by the King the walkers can now enter the lair of the Three Eyed Raven and it doesn’t take them long to get there.

It’s an all out assault on the lair as Bran and the Three Eyed Raven are back in a vision in Winterfell in the past and we see a young Hordor.  Meanwhile in the present Meera is trying to get Hordor to get Bran, then she yells to Bran to warg into Hodor to save them which Bran does while still in the vision (not sure how that happened, guess we’ll have to wait for the Winds of Winter to come out) and Hodor puts Bran on the cart and he, Bran, Meera, and the child of the forest leave the Three Eyed Raven.  To help with their escape Summer (Bran’s Dire wolf) attacks the walkers and is killed.  Quick side note, hey show, quit fucking killing the Dire Wolves.

As they’re making their escape the walkers are closing in and the child of the forest sacrifices herself so they can escape.  As the remaining three flee to the outside Hodor braces against the door to keep the walkers inside and allow Meera and Bran to flee.  Meera yells “Hold the Door!” at Hodor and in the vision we see the young Hodor fall to the ground having a seizure of sorts and repeatedly yelling “Hold the Door, Hold the Door” until the seizure completely takes hold and he starts saying “Hodor, hodor”  Then the last we see of him as Meera and Bran escape is him yelling Hodor while the walkers start to break through the door and slash at him, then we cut to the credits and a very somber song and we feel empty inside.

So what does this ending mean?  Well there is a fan theory out there that Bran tries to fix everything by talking to the Mad King and ends up becoming “the voices” he hears and drives him mad.  That very well could happen and would be kind of cool.  However, I have a different theory, what if Bran is the Three Eyed Raven as well and he realizes this and does end up preventing everything from happening, thus negating everything we’ve watched for a near decade?  It would basically be “this was all a dream” finish and that would be dreadful.

So dear reader, what did you think of the episode?  What are your predictions for the future?  Is Little Finger setting up Sansa and Jon?  Is Bran to blame for everything terrible in Westeros?  Let us know in the comments below.

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