Game of Thrones: No One, What Just Happened

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Last night I was faced with a nearly impossible choice around 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, I could play Overwatch with some friends, continue playing Fallout 4: Far Harbor (awesome by the way), stream the Bethesda E3 Presentation, or watch Game of Thrones, obviously since I’m writing an article about Game of Thrones: No One you know what decision I made.

So last nights was full of things and stuff and only saw one pseudo major character die (more major in the books than the show) and that character being the Black Fish as his siege of River Run came to an end when his nephew Edimure was threaten by Jamie Lanister and was allowed to enter the castle to which he immediately surrendered it to the Lanisters and Frays.

Brianne and Poderick who were allowed to enter River Run by Jamie escaped during the Lanister siege as the Black Fish went to fight to his death.  More than likely an honorable death but we the viewer have no idea since it all happened off camera.  When Jamie asked a Lanister soldier to bring the Black Fish to speak to him and the soldier said the Black Fish was dead Jamie’s face mimicked my own as he was just as disgusted as I was that a great warrior died off camera.

There was no Jon or Sansa this week but judging by what we saw in the “on the next episode” we’re going to get our fill of them.  Also no Bran and Benjin either.

Back at King’s Landing, King Tomin continues to be influenced by the High Septon as he calls the court to let them know the Trail by Combat is now illegal because it is too barbaric.  This of course puts a hamper on Cersi’s plans to have zombie Mountain aka Jason Vorhese fight for her at her trial.  To me it’s kind of amazing how little control Cersi has over Tomin seeing how she had total control over Joffery, maybe Tomin remembers his mother about to kill him and herself during Stanis’s siege of King’s Landing.  Either way Cersi might be getting her long overdue come uppins by season’s end.

Up north we catch up with the Hound who is catching up with the Brothers without Banners who massacred the convent that he was calling home.  The first four he came across met a grisly end, with one getting an ax to the testicles before having his guts spilled.  He then later comes across the other three hanging from a tree as the Brothers Without Banners are getting set to hang them for dishonoring the Brothers.  The Hound explains to them why he’s after them and The Brothers agree to let the Hound kill two of them, but not via ax, but by simply kicking out the logs supporting them.

Over a fire and some meat the Brothers try and recruit the Hound in the coming battle with the White Walkers, me personally I can’t wait to see the Hound going on ax murders on some zombies.

Lastly in Mereen the Masters have come with their ships to attack the city.  It looks like all is lost until the doors open in the keep and Daenerys walks through and we see Drogo flying in the night sky.  Again another epic battle we didn’t get to see.  I think I speak for all fans when I say, “I wanted to see the dragons destroy the ships!”

Lastly we go to Bravos as Waif continues to hunt Arya with a brilliant chase through the streets ending in a room where Arya has hidden Needle.  Waif is cocky because of Arya’s injuries but Arya who’s was blind for a time evens the odds by turning out the lights in the most badass way possible by quickly chopping the candle in half with her sword.  We then cut Jaquen finding Arya placing Waif’s face in the temple of the Many Faced God.  Even though she says she’s leaving he almost smirks as if he’s proud of her.

Make sure you tune in next week as we’re getting the Bastard Bowl with Jon and his Wildlings taking on Ramsey.


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