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Wow, that was a pretty heavy episode last night and a lot happened to further this season.  We’ll start first with maybe the happiest moment of the show since probably season one.  Just as Jon Snow is getting ready to leave the Wall the gates open and Sansa along with Brienne and Podrick ride through the gates.  This of course leads to a very sincere and happy reunion for the two Stark children, and what I believe is the first Stark reunion since they all separated in season one.

This reunion also leads to Sansa wanting Jon to lead the Wildlings to take back Winterfell.  Jon is apprehensive of course since he, well, he was just raised from the dead and he’s tired of fighting.  Of course this all changes at the end of the episode when he receives a threat from Ramsey Bolton who now has Rickon and he wants his bride Sansa back.  To put it mildly the threat is to kill Rickon and to rape Sansa, not sure what Ramsey wants to accomplish here, he might have and army but Jon has a giant, and we saw what the son of bitch can do.

Staying at Castle Black, Brienne confronts Melisandre and Davos about the death of Renley in season two at the hands of Melisandre’s shadow baby.  We do forget about the bad Melisandre has done in her obsession with the Lord of Light’s chosen king and who that should be, as Brienne has said, she hasn’t.  Hopefully she doesn’t let her revenge blind her to the greater good right now and that is ending Ramsey Bolton’s reign as Warden of the North.  Now that Brienne has killed one of the people responsible for Renley’s death, we’ll have to see how her and Melisandre co-exist.

Staying up North we see Ramsey getting intimate with Osha and we know that Osha isn’t afraid to use her body to assassinate her targets, unfortunately for her Ramsey is too smart for that, and before she can reach for his knife and kill him he pulls a knife from under his cloak and stabs her in the neck.  I sadly wasn’t surprised by this.  Ramsey might be a sociopath, but he seems to be two steps ahead of his enemies.  Even though I expected it, it was sad to see Osha go out like this, because she is quite cunning and extremely loyal to Rickon, and now he has no one to protect him in Ramsey’s Winterfell.

Down south Cersi has finally gotten the small counsel’s ear with a plan to take down the High Sparrow before he can make Queen Margerie perform the walk of atonement.  The Lanisters may have won the war of the Kings but it seems like they might have a religious civil war brewing in the Capitol, and maybe a lawsuit from Marvel on their was (a Lanisters always pays their debts).

Across the Narrow Sea Tyrion makes a deal with the Masters to end slavery in 7 years as long as they stop funding the assassins.  Of course this does not sit well with Grey Worm and Missandei as they were former slaves.  However, Tyrion, in his diplomatic way, informs them that sometimes in order to make peace you have to give in to things you might not like.  Tyrion is not for slavery, but he knows they can’t abolish it outright and control Mirean.  He has to negotiate and barter with the slavers so they will accept it.  Like Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei accept this but are none to pleased by it.

Danny, still in Dothraki devises a plan while her rescuers of Jorrah and Daario come to her aid.  During her trial she has two Dothraki women lock her in the hut with all of the Kahls.  Being the mother of dragons she burns the entire place down killing all of the Dothraki leaders and emerging from the flames with all of the Dothraki watching who then bow down to her.  Has Danny just gained the entire Dothraki nation to her cause?  If she has, holy shit, she won’t need Tyrion’s new negotiated peace, she can now take out all of the slavers.

That is where the episode ended but we have a couple of other things to touch on.  Little Finger returned to the Veil and his manipulation over young Robbyn still holds as he advises him to aid Sansa in taking back Winterfell.  Still trying to figure out Little Finger.  One moment he sides with the Starks the next he betrays them, then sides with them again.  I don’t know what his end game is really.  I don’t think he wants to rule Westeros, he’s plenty wealthy so money can’t be his goal, Catlin is dead (maybe, Lady Stoneheart anyone?) so he can’t win her heart, what does he want?  That’s a bigger mystery than who Jon Snow’s parents really are.

Also, no Arrya or Bran this week, though from the previews we’ll get them next week and Bran, at least in a vision, will meet the Night’s King.  So dear reader, what did you think of the episode?  Any idea what Little Finger is after?  Let us know in the comments below.

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