Agents, Evos, and Everything Between

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This image was the opening titles for the television series.

Hello again True Believers! 2 and a half more weeks til Christmas and this week we had some pretty good mid-season finales with Agents of SHIELD and Supergirl. Let’s get started shall we!

Supergirl ep.7: Human for a Day

This image was the opening titles for the television series.
This image was the opening titles for the television series.

In the Mid Season finale, we were treated to a story that I very much enjoyed. Last week when they teased that Kara would be sans powers for this episode, I’ll admit I groaned and rolled my eyes. Thankfully I was very surprised at how well done the story was. I got everything that I could have wanted out of this one, we had action, suspense, drama, and heart. This was what I’d call a classic “Superman story”. Here come the spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the finale yet, skip down to Agents of SHIELD.

Now of course given the style of story they were going for, Supergirl blew out her powers fighting the Red Tornado. I actually did not know Kryptonians could do that, but it makes sense. I did think that it was lame that they HAD to say that A.) it happens to Superman and B.) that they had to say that it’s taking longer for Kara to recover. These two things were my only grips of the story. In typical fashion, when a superhero is rendered powerless, all hell breaks loose. National City is hit with an Earthquake. And it’s up to all of side characters (and the city) to pull together in a time of crisis. The best part IS the fact that Kara does not have her powers. It is in this time of need Kara can truly learn to become a better Hero. Kara had to deal with the hardest situations and in one instance, in spite of her best attempts to help, she was not able to save a man who was bleeding to death. In another instance however, She was able to stop an armed robbery with only her words. That was the best scene of the whole episode besides the GIGANTIC reveal which I will talk about now.

So, all season we’ve been plagued with questions like who is Hank Henshaw? Can He be trusted? What happened to Alex’s Father (Dean Cain)? All of that got answered in this episode and if you were a fan of DC Comics, you got excited. My jaw dropped when I realized who he was, mainly because I never thought in my wildest dreams that this one (who I’ve always liked but was never a fav of mine) would ever come a live action property. Hank Henshaw J’on J’onzz; The Martian Manhunter!!!

With this reveal, I am wanting even more, the Supergirl/Flash/Arrow Crossover. And with recent rumors of Tom Welling possibly coming back into the fold, I’m becoming more excited about DC’s Television Universe (Minus Gotham cause it doesn’t fit and sucks). All of these possibilities also make me hate the DCEU direction even more with their stark divide between TV and movie universes.



Agents of SHIELD ep.10 Maveth

Now on to the good but not as good a Supergirl Mid-season Finale, Agents of SHIELD. Now if you’ve kept up with the show, you’ve more than likely have experienced the same Like/Hate relationship with this show as I have. Though I thought it was good it wasn’t as good as other shows or seasons of SHIELD for that matter. We Pick up Right where we left off of last episode. Ward and his band of expendables have Fitz and are looking for that ancient evil. Mac and the “Secret Warriors” are planning a rescue mission for Simmons and preparing an extraction for Fitz and Coulson when they return from the “Evil Zone”. Simmons also manages to escape Hydra captivity with the help of Lash, who I’m assuming killed the majority of the Hydra agents in the castle and all the Inhumans that Hydra stockpiled there.

Now there were some surprises through the episode, but really there’s only two worth talking about and both of them were through the portal. Here come the real spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode and plan to, Stop reading and go check out one of Josh’s articles, like Why Most Movie Fan Theories Are Wrong. Still with me? Ok, you’ve been warned. Fitz managed to find Will and the two were able to give Ward the shake and find the portal back, only to find out that Will had died trying to save Simmons and the Ancient Evil absorbed Will’s Body. Thankfully Fitz realized this just as Coulson and his prisoner Ward. (It’s really not interesting how Coulson captured ward. all you need to know is that Coulson kept having visions of Rosalind like Wolverine of Jean Grey in The Wolverine ) and with the expenditure of ammunition and a flare gun from Fitz, Will’s Body was Destroyed.

As for Coulson, He got some shots off on the Ancient Evil to save Fitz cause he was getting his ass kicked. With Coulson distracted, Ward did try to kill Coulson and complete his mission of bringing back the “Big Bad in the Will suit” to Earth but Coulson was channeling his inner Wolvie and KILLED Ward! He took his Robo/Luke Skywalker hand and Crushed his chest and ribs till he stopped breathing. and of course the final reveal at the end was, you guessed it, The evil traded in his “Crispy Will Suit” for a “Freshly Pressed Ward Suit” and he also revealed himself to Mallek on Earth. Somebody call the Avengers, Roadie needs a new story to tell at Parties.


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