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This image was the opening titles for the television series.

Hello again true believers! Sorry there was now article last week, but let’s face it, the only show this column covers that had an episode last week was supergirl. As high as I am on that show, I don’t think it’s one that stands on its own on Thanksgiving week. That and I haven’t gotten the chance to finish Jessica Jones yet (or start any other super hero shows).

Well, it has begun, all the shows are about to hit the Holiday hiatus. One show on being Heroes Reborn. Which is really surprising to me seeing as how according to IMDb, there are literally 3 episodes left.

Supergirl Ep. 5 & 6

This image was the opening titles for the television series.
This image was the opening titles for the television series.

Ok, now I’m really getting into the show, in spite of it’s lackluster writing at times, It’s a fun show to watch (especially since WWE Raw is getting so stale right now). Ep 5 was interesting. It was almost like “Adventures in Babysitting” but with Supergirl, but with less focus on the Cat’s son, who has a major crush on Supergirl (surprise, surprise) Given the fact that an episode like this was predictably bound to happen, it was done surprisingly well. There was only really one moment where Cat’s son being in the episode swayed Kara’s decision making process and of course it was a lead into the climax.

The focus of the episode did revolve around getting Jimmy out of the love triangle that has developed with him, Kara, and Winn (Team Winn all the way!) I have gotten used to Mehcad Brook’s take on Jimmy Olsen and he has actually grown on me a bit. I still would have preferred a more traditional portrayal of the character’s personality, which is why I like Winn so much because he is more like Jimmy Olsen in that respect. Toward the end with Jimmy gets back with Lucy (NOT Lois) Lane.

The only thing I wasn’t huge on was the Maxwell Lord character evolving into a Neutral “Lex Luthor” type Testing Supergirl. I can’t call him a villain yet because he arguably hasn’t done anything Villainous. It is however painfully obvious that they are building up some sort of romance between Lord and Kara’s sister Alex (I mean who wouldn’t want to get with her, she’s just as hot as Kara).

The biggest surprise was Hank Henshaw. He clears everyone out including Alex at the second bomb site and uses whatever his power is supposed to be to disarm it. I’m not sure what is going to happen with him but in episode 6 we do get a reveal on him.

Episode 6

This episode focused on Kara’s anger for the most part. Kara has anger management issues this time around due to some stupid guys trying to ram each other off the road. Supergirl ends up snapping a couple of times, once during the drag race of stupidity, Another during the Red Tornado test (this actually causes the Red Tornado situation), and the final time at Cat Grant who actually helps her get her anger under control.

While overall I enjoyed the episode, I hated the Red Tornado and General Lane (Lois and Lucy’s Father). the character of Red Tornado in the comics I never really had an opinion on just because I’ve never read anything where he was a major player (I don’t even think he was in Kingdom Come) but his portrayal was very lame and he wasn’t even given the chance to become a hero like in the comics because the Supergirl writers decided to have Kara blow him up with her not read Heat Vision. This is where I think most of the first season’s budget went to due to the amount of special effects in that fight.

General Lane was a duche plain and simple. He was your typical 1 dimensional military type that thinks that they’ve got it all figured out and treats everyone like shit because of it. I wish the red tornado killed him.

Remember when I said there was a reveal on Henshaw? Well here’s when you should stop reading and skip down to Agents of SHIELD. Early in the episode, before we had the drama and anger management revelations with Kara. Alex and Kara went to Winn to get him to hack into the DEO to find info on Alex’s Dad (Dean Cain) though it was redacted, they found out that the last person to see him alive was, you guessed it, Hank Henshaw. It can be assumed that the incident that killed Dean Cain was what gave Henshaw his powers.

Agents of SHIELD ep 9: Closure

This episode serves as the climax of the current arch. And boy do they try to deliver on that. we’ve got some surprising deaths, Coulson going off the deep end, Hydra taking it to shield and everybody is reeling from it. if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now!

They are working hard to make you hate Ward this season. This episode has some surprising deaths. before I say it, if you don’t want to be spoiled, then stop reading right now. This episode kicks the current storyline into high gear by first having Ward assassinate Rosalind in front of Coulson in the middle of dinner. Talk about cold. He even calls Coulson on her phone as she had just died in his arms. Now I know what you’re thinking, Bank is gonna wreck shit. No, he get’s taken out by the Chairman of Iron Chef America and his telekinetic powers! (a le cusine!)

The episode itself revolves around Hydra’s plan to open up the portal again to fish out that ancient evil they’ve been worshiping for centuries. But they made one mistake. They didn’t keep Ward on a short enough leash and he went and pissed off the wrong guy, Phil Coulson.

I like that they made Coulson get pissed, because he technically was more reckless than Hunter. in the process of going “Man on Fire” Coulson makes Mac the Acting Director of Shield. This season Mac has really grown on me. Now that he’s in charge for now, he’s finally approved the first members of the (still unofficial) Secret Warriors. I can’t wait for the winter finale since its gonna be a face to face meeting between Ward and Coulson on another planet.

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