Table Top Thursdays: Pathfinder Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path

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Hello Everyone, here I am again back for another Table Top Thursday edition; this time it s for our new campaign, Hell’s Rebels.

Hell’s Rebels is a Pathfinder Adventure Path where you are a group of good or at least neutral people in an evil city tyring to overthrow the oppressive regime.  Unlike in other settings where one can be overt and direct, this one requires a lot more guile and subterfuge to survive and as I said the premise of any campaign is to survive.

I am playing a Chaotic Good Drow Swashbuckler worshiper of Cayden Cailean how with his group of intrepid adventures is kind of spearheading this rebellion.  The problem is we are all just now level three and are still somewhat squishy, me especially since as a swashbuckler I cannot wear armor heavier than leather.  I get a lot of other perks but please do not hit me.


I chose the swashbuckler because I was intrigued by the mysterious avenger archtype and how it would function in this setting.  You do not want the powers that be to know who you are so what easier way to do so than having a secret identity.  The mysterious avenger type gives me prowess in rapiers and whips so my character in essence is a purple skinned elven Zorro.

Now you all may be asking yourself again the question of Drow? Choatic good Drow?

For those of you that are unaware of the Drow and the mythos of the Underdark it is a predominaently evil area.  The Underdrak exists in caves underground with societies that never come up to daylight.  Most are evil and rather self-serving with a definite survival of the fittest mentality.  Drow are the elves of the Underdark and their society is very matriarchal and lawful evil.  Even my GM was skeptical until I told him the backstory.  My character ran away as a child because he was an unwanted male of a noble house.  He learned to survive on his on and started venturing towards the surface where he was found by a troop of travelling Halfling entertainers and taken in and raised by them.  His NPC ties are his mother and his sister Pib, both halflingsd and as the GM calls them walking talking plot devices.

Moral of the story, you can do almost anything in an RPG as long as you give a convincing backstory to explain it, even if it would not normally be that way.  The books and all the instructions are a guide, make a character, get inspired, and then flip it on its head…

I only roll 20's bitches
I only roll 20’s bitches

The GM before we began the campaign let us all talk amongst ourselves and figure out how our characters know each other.  I am a rather young Drow of only 40 so one of the characters who mis playing a much older elf of over 200 years thinks I am young and in need of guidance so he is trying to keep me in line, needless to say it is not working and makes for some very funny roleplaying opportunities.  He is playing an occultist out of the newest Pathfinder book that I got in a large bundle I ordered off Ebay.  Making his job of teaching me the elfish ways all the more difficult is my partner in crime and also barkeep and follower of Cayden Cailean, the human alchemist.  Most of the hijinks come from us because as followers of Cayden Cailean we fight against tyranny and for a good drink.  We created an epic bar fight when we were not supposed to mostly because I got so into character that I forgot why we were there… plus side I now have a fairy dragon named Veck as my buddy… downside had to go to city hall to pay my court fees because being the only purple elf in town I am slightly noticeable…  hence the need of the secret identity.  Which I now have since we reached level three so hopefully no more needing to bribe the officials, I mean pay my fees…

This campaign runs very similar to Kingmaker though on a small scale.  Instead of running a kingdom you are orchestrating a rebellion but it has similar rebellion rules for expanding and upkeep and everything.  The interesting flip side to this is when we are done with this campaign we may do the flipside by instead of fostering the rebellion we are part of the government trying to squash it and keep it down.  I think if we play that one I am going to make a Hell Knight or Anti-Paladin.

If someone also wanted to try this setting I think it would be a good one for the new vigilante type the Piazo is trying to develop.  We did the beta test for it and sent in our feedback and honestly it would only work in this type of setting.  It needs to be urban and one where the two sides of social and the secret identity may come into play.  I think this would be a very fun one to play as everyone being vigilantes once they get the kinks ironed out.    This adventure path is designed for such intrigue and honestly I am finding it a nice break to be playing the chaotic good bon vivant as a break from the brooding Warpriest I play in my kingmaker campaign.  Both characters are fun but I need to get into a different mentality for either of them to play them correctly but the challenge is part of the fun.

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