WWE: How I Would Have Booked The Shield Triple Threat

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On last night’s Monday Night Raw the #1 Contender’s Match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins ended in a double count out (lame) but that will lead to a Shield triple threat match at Battle Grounds in Washington, D.C.   This is cool, but I could have done it better.

First off, this triple threat match is huge, and as much as I love that it will be in my backyard of DC, I still think it deserves to be at one of the big 4 PPVs (i.e., Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania), and what is two months away?  Summer Slam.  We’ve waited two years for this match, another month wouldn’t kill us.

So you’re asking, “alright Mr. Smarty Pants, how would have have booked this so we’d still be interested in two months time?”

Easy really.  Last night I’d still have the #1 Contender’s Match between Rollins and Reigns and I have Rollins go over clean-ish.  See, it would just be like Money in the Bank where we won clean straight up, Reigns can’t lose two nights in a row to Rollins clean because that will make him look weak, and regardless of what we think of him, Vince loves him and he’ll be the champ again, and probably soon, so he has to look tough.

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So to have him lose clean-ish I’d have Rollins hit the Pedigree near the ropes and the ref counts 1-2-3 but right before 3 Reigns gets his foot on the ropes, negating the pinfall.  However, I’d have Rollins notice it before the ref and knock his foot off the rope so that the 3 count stands (and the crowd goes wild) and we go into Battle Ground with Rollins vs Ambrose.

Next week on Raw Reigns complains to Shane and Stephanie about it but they say there is nothing they can do, the ref made the call and the results are final.  This of course pisses Reigns off but not to the point of violence yet.

Meanwhile, with Rollins and Ambrose we get a similar build up that Reigns and Rollins had but with the added recap of the Ambrose and Rollins feud that began just before Money in the Bank two years ago.  Rollins mostly harping on that when it counted Dean could never beat him or really win the big one.  In big matches against the likes of Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar, Dean lots, not to mention never could beat Rollins for the title.

As we get close to the PPV Roman still doesn’t have an opponent and guess who doesn’t either, the Miz.  So Shane and Steph, trying to smooth things over with Reigns offer him a shot at the Miz, to which the Miz is not a fan of  and goes out to the ring to complain.  Mid complaint Roman’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to look like he’s going to cut a promo on the Miz but as he’s about to speak he just all-out assaults the Miz to probably a mix of boos and cheers (if there is one guy more hated than Roman it’s probably the Miz, maybe).  Then he picks up the IC title and with the mic calls to the back “You think I want this consolation prize?”  and the fans boo, “I am the GUY!  I should be in the main event, Seth didn’t beat me and you know it!”  Of course this gets more boos and we see the beginnings of a heel Reigns.

Of course after this Reigns doesn’t get the IC title shot now and though he’s not suspended Stephanie advises him to stay home and watch Battle Ground.

Meanwhile, over with Rollins and Ambrose they’ve, for the most part have been kept away from each other, apart from your occasional promo, but we don’t want to see the shit hit the fan until Battlegrounds, and given that we’ve only got 4 weeks that’s not too hard.

Now on to Battle Ground.  We don’t see or hear from Roman, he’s no where to be found, and there is almost no mention of him by the announce team.  Then on to the main event and we get a quick and competitive match and when it looks like Ambrose is about to win Reigns comes out of the crowd with zero music mind you and he devastates Ambrose to a chorus of boos from the crowd (not to mention a DQ for Rollins) and we finally get it, we finally get the heel Reigns and what perfect opponent for him than an underdog Ambrose.

The next night on RAW we open with Reigns saying why he did what he did and he basically tells the crowd to “F” off then Rollins’ music hits, he’s pissed because his chance at the title was ruined and then Ambrose music hits because he’s pissed about being attacked, and then Shane’s music hits and he makes the Triple Threat Match for Summer Slam.

And boom, there you have it dear reader, that’s how I would have booked the lead up to the Shield Triple Threat Match.

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