WrestleMania Weekend Recap Part One

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Where to honestly start with this recap of my and my son’s weekend down in Dallas for WrestleMania 32.  So, like a shitty Hollywood movie that tries to be poetic I’ll start my story at the end, then I’ll go to the beginning, hit up at the middle, and then end at… well the end.

Let’s start with the finish of the show, Roman Reigns going over Triple H and capturing the WWE Championship.  This decision by the WWE (more than likely Vince McMahon) was not a popular to say the least.  From what I’ve been told by friends who watched WrestleMania on the WWE Network is that the WWE did their best to drown out the boos, however, to a live audience the boos could not be drowned out.  To give you an idea of how loud the boos were in person, I had 8 Roman Reigns fans sitter in front of me, the majority being young women probably in their early 20’s.  Anyone who knows a woman in their 20’s knows how loud they can scream when they’re excited, I could not hear these fans over the boos from everyone else.  In fact my son sitting right next to (he himself having a loud voice) asked me a question during that match and I couldn’t hear him over the boos.  What I’m trying to say is, it was loud.

So Reigns goes over, and the crowd is not happy.  In fact, I have never seen people exit a live WWE event so quickly as I did on Sunday night.  Few people stuck around to soak up the moment of Reigns’ victory or even to boo him, they just left.  In fact my son (who loves the WWE) didn’t even want to watch that match, he didn’t care.  He’s 7, he’s at that age to where whomever Vince says is the good guy he’s just supposed to go with it.  Nope, not my son.  You could say I influenced it, and you might be a little right, but when it comes to the WWE I let him make up his own mind on who he wants to root for.  Sure he’ll look at me and see who I cheer and boo, but overall he likes who he likes regardless of my tastes.  I convinced him, “no, let’s stay, it’s WrestleMania after all, and we came on a charter bus from the hotel and it’s not going leave until it’s full anyways, so we can sit here or we can sit on the bus.”

HHH entrance

He decided to stay and we watch.  Like 90% of the crowd we booed when Reigns did well, and cheered when HHH did well and as soon as the ref’s hand came down for a three count for Roman we were out of there.

I started here, because this was the most negative thing that happened all weekend, and in reality it wasn’t really a negative.  The match wasn’t horrible, it was more or less fine, just no one wanted to see it, no matter how much the WWE tried to hype, but it wasn’t a terrible thing.  And if Roman Reigns winning the WWE Title in an “okay” match is the worst thing that happened to us all weekend you can be sure that we had a great weekend, and we did.

WrestleMania weekend began for us at 4:30 am Friday April 1.  Given that it was April Fools day I so badly wanted to play some sort of April Fools joke on my son about the event, either it was cancelled or we missed our flight or whatever.  I refined though, because knowing my luck with karma that shit would come true and I’d forever feel like an ass.

We stayed the night at my parent’s house since they live closer to the Ronald Reagan Airport than I do and my mother so graciously offered to drop us off and pick us up from the airport (thanks mom).  Surprisingly my son was not hard to wake up, usually he’s not a morning person but on this morning (probably because we were going to Dallas) he was up and ready as soon as I got him up.

We got to the Airport just before 5:30 and went through security fairly quickly with my son telling anyone who would listen that we were going to WrestleMania.  To say he was excited was an understatement, and the kid and me couldn’t help but live vicariously through his enjoyment.   Our flight was at 6:50 so we got settled at the gate and played around on the trusty iPad (a saga to follow) and my iPhone, and recorded the first of many journal entries.


Thankfully there was nothing note worthy about our flight down, other than the outstanding service and politeness of the Southwest Airlines crew (not paid praise, they were just very excellent).    We touched down in Dallas a few hours later and went to check in at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas (courtesy of the WWE travel package).  On the way there though, my son left my iPad and two of his WWE figures in the cab (Razor and HBK) and usually I’m a stickler for getting receipts while traveling but honestly I was tired and just wanted to check in and relax for a bit before taking in the festivities that awaited us later that night.

So waiting in line for check-in I said to my son, “Where are you figures?” then I noticed the iPad (which was in a case with a shoulder strap) was no longer on his shoulder and I realized what had happened.  I told him to stay with the bags and I raced out the front door to stop the cab.  I ran down the cab but sadly it wasn’t ours, just another from the company.  I got the number of the cab company and called their dispatch.  Sadly, since I didn’t get a receipt I didn’t have the cabby’s name or cab number so dispatch just took my information and said they called if any of their drivers brought in anything.

I wasn’t happy about but I wasn’t going to let it ruin the weekend and for his part, my son was very sorry about it and felt bad.  As a dad I just used the situation to help educated him about responsibility which I hope he took to heart.

axxess sign

We still had a few hours until NXT Takeover Dallas so we decided to follow the well placed WWE Axxess stickers on the sidewalk and go find Axxess and the WrestleMania Superstore.  I really liked the Axxess stickers on the sidewalk that pointed you towards the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center because it turned a boring following of googlemaps into a semi-scavenger hunt of finding the stickers and following them.

Well that’s it for part one, coming soon (like very soon) part two of this journey featuring the WWE WrestleMania Superstore and NXT Takeover Dallas recap and review.

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