Vince Russo Overreacts to Sasha Banks’ Promo

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First and foremost, Vince Russo is an idiot, three weeks ago he bitched, moaned, and mocked Finn Balor when he was raised up to face Seth Rollins at Summer Slam for the Universal title and said this wasn’t his wrestling and that we were in the time of the middle weights, which is honestly good news for wrestling fans, because let’s face it, most lists of “best wrestlers ever” contain a lot of middle weights like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and Daniel Bryan to name a few.  So if we’re in the middle of a middle weight resurgence I’m all for it.

But I’m not hear to talk about the business passing Russo by and he was unable to adapt which is why he helped shut the door on WCW while writing for it and then has all but killed TNA while working for them as well.  No, I’m here to talk about how Russo loses his this over Sasha Bank’s speech last night on RAW, especially her comments on the Bra and Panties matches.

Here is what Russo was tweeting:

I’m a Sasha Banks fan, but I think she just slighted some GREAT female athletes who performed at top levels while drawing huge ratings. The GREAT women wrestlers before Sasha didn’t book the bra-n-panties matches and I did to HELP WIN A WAR. A WAR that saved the company. The GREAT women wrestlers before Sasha didn’t book the bra-n-panties matches and I did to HELP WIN A WAR. A WAR that saved the company. What a bunch of sexists PIGS. Guys can show off their bodies in short trunks, but women aren’t allowed to? Somebody call Sports Illustrated.

I’m pretty sure Russo missed the point of her promo.  She didn’t knock the women who competed in those matches, she even sang the praise of two women who had been in matches like that (Lita and Trish), she was simply saying that those matches were degrading and yes they were.

Russo tries to point to out that men are paraded around in trunks and no shirt and that’s not degrading and hints at a double standard, but he’s sorely wrong on that point.  The women who participated in the Bra and Panties matches (along with the mud and pudding matches, and bikini contest as well) had to do those if they wanted to keep their jobs.  Probably only a couple of “Divas” could have gotten away with telling Vince “no” for those matches.  The men on the other hand aren’t forced to wear trunks, and in fact they pick their own attire.  Some wear trunks because that’s the standard in Pro Wrestling, back in the day when it was just a bunch of strong men competing, like body builders, they wanted to show off their chiseled physics.  The WWE doesn’t dictate to Triple H or Finn Balor that they are to wear trunks, they choose too.  Likewise to guys Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, or Dean Ambrose, who wear shirts when they wrestle and either shorts or pants.

Bra and panties matches were sexual exploitation, Triple H in trunks is not and that’s the difference Russo.  Russo talks about those matches getting ratings that helped win the Monday Night War but honestly if they moved the needle it was probably very little.  It was Austin and the Rock that really put WWE over the top, and as a male fan who was in his teens during the Attitude era I could have cared less, the pictures from photo shoots in RAW magazine were better than what was shown in those matches anyways.

Check out Sasha’s speech below and let us know what you think.


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