The WWE SummerSlam That Could Have Been

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Going into last night’s SummerSlam I was extremely excited, on paper we had a stacked card with highlights being John Cena vs AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship, Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship, and Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton.  That right there should have almost guaranteed us the greatest SummerSlam ever… EVER!  But much like the 18-1 Patriots, just because you’re the best on paper doesn’t mean it will all be that.

The show got off to a pretty good start with Y2-KO defeating Enzo and Cass in a very entertaining match.  There is just magic with Jericho and Owens, I don’t know if it’s because they’re both Canadian or if it’s because they’re both huge Owen Heart fans but they are golden together and I hope after that after the New Day is done feuding with The Club that we see Y2-KO vs The New Day.  Jericho vs Xavier Woods on the mic would be awesome.

Then we had two mediocre matches that followed.  I know since the Divas revolution and then the change from Divas to Superstars we’re supposed to just say every women’s match, especially the championship match, is GREAT, however, with the exception of Sasha hitting a hurricarana out of a Super Razor’s Edge, that match just didn’t excite me, not to mention the amount of botches in the match.  It wasn’t a bad match it was just a match, and for me that’s a disappointment given the two who were wrestling in it.  However, I’m going to say something that might be unpopular, but I’m tired of Charlotte.  Much like her father, I just don’t get excited for her.  Like her father she’s quite good in the ring but I’m just not excited for when she’s wrestling.  Seeing Sasha vs Becky, Bayley or (if she wasn’t suspended) Paige would have been more entertaining for me.  Granted, they were really selling Sasha’s “back injury” so she could have been wrestling hurt which could explain the lack of excitement in the match, but that doesn’t not spell good things for the Women’s Title since I can’t really name any other women on RAW with the exception of Dana Brooke, Smackdown Live, who doesn’t have a title, seems to have all the women.

Then up was the Intercontinental Title match, which I’m just going to skip because it seemed that’s what the bookers did with the match started it.  Yay! The Miz is still the champion.  Way to devalue that Belt WWE.

Then we got Cena vs AJ, and I was shocked that this match went on so early, but damn did we get an exciting match, that was probably the best match of the night.  It was full of false finishes and both men showing off new moves.  In fact, if you don’t think John Cena can wrestle than you’re an idiot.  In the end, AJ went over clean and we all got a good match.  On a side note, all you idiots who boo Cena and say he sucks are just idiots.  Get over it.

Then again we got two okay matches.  The New Day vs The Club was alright, The Club won via DQ when Biggie made a surprise return to take out the club.  A side note to this match, Jon Stewart’s intervention was pretty funny.


It hurts me to say this because I love both these athletes but Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler was just “meh”  I’m not sure who booked this match, but it was poorly paced and the finish was just there, not to mention the WWE Championship proceeded 4 matches, WTF WWE?  Since the break-up of the S.H.I.E.L.D I was touting Dean as the guy from there, but man, with the exception of his match with Triple H at Fastlane Dean hasn’t really turned in a match that was better than “good”.  Also, where the fuck was Brey Wyatt?

The 6 Women’s tag match saw the WWE continue to Troll the WWE Universe with Eva Marie was great, then the return of Nikki Bella to thunderous applause was nice, not to mention Nikki getting the win over Carmella (who I loathe) was nice, but it was what it was.

We finally got a look at the new WWE Universal Championship, and like the rest of you I hated it, though I will say given 12 hours removed from it, I don’t hate it as much, it’s slowly growing on me.  But after that we got Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins and it delivered and luckily I don’t think this feud is over in the least.    Both men delivered, and for a second I thought Seth was going to go over, but in the end Finn went over and it was awesome!


Then following that we got a non-match for the US Title.  This particularly pissed me off, because they want to keep the belt on Rusev obviously, but are trying to protect Reigns still so we got Reigns just beating the hell out of Rusev so we didn’t get a match.  Again, WWE, way to devalue another belt you tried so hard to build up, seriously, what the hell are you doing.

Then we close the show showcasing Brock Lesnar destroying Randy Orton.  Seriously, I know you want to keep Brock happy, but if he’s not fighting for a title it shouldn’t go on last.  Also, suplex city is boring as fuck now.  I was pretty cool at first seeing Brock destroy people, because he’s a monster, but now that’s run it’s course.  Him destroying Dean at Mania made for a terrible match, and him destroying Randy (though Randy got a few moves in) was just terrible and boring, and not the way to close the show.

Like I said in the opening this could have been the best SummerSlam ever, but man the execution was just terrible.  The booking was just off and weird and man oh man I wanted this to be great, but really aside from three matches it just wasn’t that good.

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