The New Era Has Arrived in the WWE

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Since the Monday after Wrestlemania and Shane McMahon’s return to the company, the WWE has been touting the “New Era” in Sports Entertainment.  This was exciting news for us fans, especially the ones who watch NXT, we couldn’t wait for that to begin.

However, like most things in the WWE, change was slow to come, but it seems like this Monday it’s finally taken shape.

We got a small preview  Sunday night at Battlegrounds with Bailey coming out to be the surprise partner of Sasha Banks in her tag match against Charlotte and Dana Brook.  Before her music hit the crowd was chanting “Bailey, Bailey, Bailey!” and Sasha couldn’t help herself and began to smirk, then Bailey’s infectious music hit to the crowd going wild.  Easily the loudest pop of the night and maybe the loudest pop I’ve ever heard for a Woman’s Wrestler.  Again, Sasha couldn’t help herself and she grinned from ear to ear being so happy for the ovation her friend was receiving.

The Demon

The WWE continued it’s New Era momentum last night on Monday Night Raw when Stephanie McMahon decided that since the WWE Championship was on Smackdown Live that they’d debut a new Title at Summer Slam, the title dubbed The Universal Title (yeah that’s pretty terrible) and it would be Seth Rollins and an opponent to be decided.

That night on Raw there would be two fatal four ways to determine the two contenders who would then face-off in the Main Event on Raw. The first match was Finn Balor, Rusev, Kevin Owens, and Cessaro, with Balor surprisingly coming out on top. The second Fatal 4 Way was between Jericho, Roman Reigns, Shaemus, and Sami Zayn.  The winner for this one was unsurprisingly Roman Reigns and the Main Event for Raw was set and many of us dreaded that the New Era would take a backseat as we all expected Reigns to come out on top.

However just before Raw cam to a close Finn Balor came out on top pinning Reigns cleanly in the center of the ring.  I jumped out of my seat and cheered.  I was shocked that the WWE had Balor come out on top and would co-Main Event Summer Slam.  It will be interesting to see how Smack Down Live tries to top this tonight as well has how the WWE will proceed with the New Era.  Will Rollins win his 3rd WWE Title or will Finn Balor do what he did in NXT and dominate?  Either way I’m more excited for Summer Slam today than I was this time yesterday.

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