So Much for the New Era In the WWE

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Well that didn’t last that long now did it.  As I wrote yesterday, Summer Slam 2016 had the potential of being the greatest Summer Slam ever, but some weird booking and devaluing of titles just make it for a weird grab bag.  However, one of the bright spots was the Universal Championship Match between Seth Rollins and The Demon King Finn Balor.


Sadly, in that match Finn dislocated his shoulder when he took a running power bomb from Rollins into the barricade.  Finn popped it back into place and continued his match and ended up winning.  Then right before RAW went on the air last night it was announced that Balor would miss six months and surrender the belt (though I bet he’s back by the Rumble).  Needless to say, like many of you, I was bummed out, and part of me hoped against hope that the WWE would continue the New Era by giving some new guys a shot at the title.

When Finn headed back to the back I knew Seth Rollins was going to come and make a claim for the title since he was probably going to get a rematch at Clash of the Champions anyways and he’s the top heel so that only makes sense.  However, my fear was that this was Vince’s chance to force his “guy” back on us with Roman Reigns, and sure as shit he did.  After a bunch of people came out to stake a claim Roman was given the top spot of coming out last.  Then after Mick Foley made the matches last night, Reigns (not Rollins mind you) would be in the Raw Main Event against Chris Jericho, and surprise surprise he won.  So next week our Fatal 4 Way is set with Kevin Owens (dear wrestling gods a.k.a the 7, a.k.a Piper, Savage, Warrior, Perfect, Gorilla, Owen, and Dusty please see that he wins) vs Cass vs Rollins vs Reigns.

summer slam

So who’s going to win?  Not the two new guys that’s for sure.  The New Era (on RAW at least) is dead, Finn getting hurt will scare Vince to go back to the well (I’m shocked Brock isn’t involved).  It seems like whenever the WWE elevates a guy to the title who hasn’t been there before and he gets hurt (think Daniel Bryan for a recent example) it scares Vince to go back to “his guys” hence Cena and Randy being around the belt a lot during that era.  We’re going to get Reigns and Rollins around the Universal title now.  And where I don’t mind Rollins, he is the top heel and probably was going to feud with Finn for a time with maybe a back and forth title changes, but now with Finn hurt Vince has seen his opportunity to throw Reigns back into the ring with the top title.

This makes me wish AJ Styles had been drafted to RAW, he would be perfect to insert into this.  My hope is that somehow someway Kevin Owens wins.  Not only is he highly talented (and highly underrated by the WWE) but it would also showcase their commitment to a New Era, not to mention it would had a whole new dimension to his friendship with Chris Jericho.  That’s not going to happen though.  In spite of his popularity, Kevin Owens doesn’t have the “body” Vince wants his champion to have.  Finn and Seth might be on the smaller side for Vince, but they’re ripped so, like HBK before them, Vince can look the other way, but try and think the last time the WWE had a “fat” (and I don’t mean that as a knock on Owens) champion?  Yokozuna, and he was just a massive force, I mean Vader who was a massive force didn’t even get over and that’s when the WWE was lacking for top heels.  Sorry Kevin, too bad you’re not on Smackdown.

So in the end we’re fucked.  Best case scenario Rollins wins and faces Reigns at Clash of the Champions because fuck the other two guys in the match.  Worst case scenario, we get Reigns winning and faces Rollins at Clash of the Champions.


It’s sad that one injury will probably derail the New Era and it’s all because Vince will some how think that he can’t trust the new guys.  Never mind, for the second time now, Seth’s turnbuckle powerbomb injured someone.  Sting took responsibility for it, but as you can see in the video (below) Seth didn’t get enough height on it and Sting’s neck hits the turnbuckle instead of his back.  Then with Finn into the barrier, from Finn’s reaction while in air it looks like the plan was to toss him high enough to where Finn’s back hits the padding and he would hook his arm around the barrier to soften the fall (much like someone would do being knocked off the apron into the barrier) but in the footage it appears Seth misjudges the distance and tosses Finn too soon.

Unlike Bret Hart, I don’t think Seth is a sloppy wrestler, I just think he thinks he’s stronger than he is (after all crossfit gets you in shape but isn’t known for building strength) and you can see him struggling with Sting and just kind of drops him in the corner, and with Finn you can see Finn turning to catch the barricade before Seth even launches him which kind of proves him catching the barricade was the plan all along and that Seth misjudged the distance, which is reasonable since you know he has a man’s crotch in his face.  When Seth first started doing that movie I had said to Nelson “if I were a superstar there is no way I’d allow that move to be done to me, like the piledriver there is just too much room for a mess up and serious injury.”  Like the piledriver I think this move needs to be banned because again, one misjudgment, be it distance or your own strength and you put a guy on the shelf for six months or permanently.  Again, I don’t blame Seth, both were freak accidents, he’s done the move successfully a lot, but it just shows that one false step and a serious injury can occur.

So in the the end a big botch in what should have been the main event of Summer Slam may have cost us or at least set back the New Era in the WWE.  Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.  Should the corner powerbomb be banned?  Who do you want to win next week on RAW (if it’s anyone but KO we all lose) and do you think this will kill any future push for Finn Balor?  And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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