Questions Surrounding WWE’s Superstar Paige’s Cell Phone Hack

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Last week former WWE Diva Champion Paige had her cell phone stolen and the person who stole was able to hack it and release some compromising photos and videos of the woman wrestler.  On top of that it also contains current WWE star and current WrestleMania host Xavier Woods.

Currently Paige is not on the active roster as she is still not cleared to wrestle because of neck surgery she had last year, which would be automatic damage control for the WWE, out of sight, out of mind.  Unfortunately, Xavier Woods with Paige is on those leaked images and in case you’ve been under a rock for the last year or so, Woods’ tag team The New Day is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) act in the WWE and are set to host WrestleMania in 13 days.

There are a few questions swirling with this incident, one is what does the WWE do with Woods?  Obviously with Paige’s engagement to for WWE star Alberto Del Rio last year this incident between the two probably happened a while ago so punishing for something well in the past isn’t right.  Also he didn’t leak this nor was it his phone that was hacked.  Woods more or less is an innocent bystander here.  What he and Paige did was away from the WWE in the privacy of their own hotel room.  This is definitely a sticky situation for the WWE and what they can do.  I honestly don’t think they’ll really do anything to either star, one Paige is off TV anyways so by the time she comes back (if she comes back, that’s a completely different topic) this will have blown over, as far as Woods is concerned I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept him off TV this week, or the entirely of the New Day as well.  Just give it one week to blow over and with this 24 hour internet news cycle this will all be forgotten by next week and definitely by WrestleMania.

The only other question I have is, why does Paige still have this on her phone?  If she is so head over heels in love with Alberto Del Rio like she claims, why does she need videos and pictures of Xavier Woods still on her phone?

Either way, this was a terrible act by someone, taking someone’s personal phone and then sending off their private media to the internet is deplorable and because of that I haven’t searched out any of the images and I encourage to avoid them as well, however, given what could possibly affect WrestleMania this was something we felt the need to report on.

So what do you think loyal reader?  Let us know in the comments below.

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