Don’t Hinder the Jinder: How Backlash Backfired

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I want to start this article off by saying I like seeing new faces in the WWE Main Event scene, and I have no problem with Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Title, both scenarios are fine with me.  Jinder has put in work in the WWE and around the world wrestling, not to mention he has the look of a monster heel, so him being a Main Eventer is something that can be accepted, but, and you knew there would be a but, this was rushed, it felt rushed, and in spite of it being a surprise, it was kind of eye-rolling.

In spite of the above paragraph I was sort of rooting for Jinder, just check out his appearance on the Talk is Jericho and come back and tell me you weren’t just a little inspired on how he fell to rock bottom and then came back up.  That’s all great and I’m happy for him, and it’s no coincidence that this has all happened on the heels of the WWE making a big push into India with a new television deal.  That’s all fine and good and makes good business sense, but I have the WWE has sacrificed long term gain for short term success.

The WWE (probably Vince) thinks if they slap the belt on Jinder now that will give him a big boon in India, and it probably has but because they haven’t really built a character around Jinder this go around other than he’s a big Indian who hates Americans (shocker WWE going for that) his title run probably won’t be a strong one, won’t last long, and we’ll probably forget about it around this time next year.  What would have been better for both the WWE in India is for them to have built up Jinder (preferably as a face) so he just wasn’t another foreign heel.

I don’t know if the WWE has plans for an India tour anytime soon, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did to coincide with this new deal, it would only make sense.  Get the television crowd excited with a live event.  What they should have done was build up Jinder of the course of the next couple of weeks, you know, because just a week before winning the 6-pack he was jobbing out to everyone.  It’s hard to suspend your disbelief if we keeps seeing someone lose to everyone and then all of a sudden beat some of the best wrestlers on your roster?  That doesn’t make any sense. A slow build for Jinder and him winning the belt in India would be huge for the WWE in India and would keep sustain momentum for the WWE in India and we the fans could believe in Jinder as someone who belongs at the top of the card.

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